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Favorite Applications

Post by crismblog »

Whatever distribution you use, you will always remain your favorite applications that you are used over time and you have seemed most appropriate to your needs.
To me it did, to take in order:

DE - Cinnamon, Xfce
Archive Manager - File-Roller, Xarchiver
CD Burners - Xfburn
Instant Messenger - Pidgin
IRC Client - Xchat
File Manager - PCManFM
Image Viewer - gThumb
Music Player - Rhythmbox, Radiotray
Office - LibreOffice, Abiword, Gnumeric
PDF Reader - ePDFView
System Monitor - Conky
Text Editor - Leafpad, Gedit
Clipboard Manager - Glipper
Torrent Client - Deluge
FTP Client - gFTP
Video Player - SMPlayer
Web Browser - Firefox, Chromium
Others - TV-MAXE, Dropbox, BleachBit, GIMP, Synapse, PySDM, Pymaxe, UNetbootin

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Re: Favorite Applications

Post by outfieldgrass »

DE - Cinnamon
Photo's - Shotwell
IM - Pidgin
Browser - Chrome
Twitter - Hotot/Turpial (depends on the day)
Torrent - Transmission
Burning Software - Xfburn
Other - Bleachbit, Guake, Gparted
Audio/Video - Rhythmbox, VLC, Audacity
Office - Abiword
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