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Postby gprestonmoto » Tue May 29, 2012 11:35 pm

Ok so I haven't used Linux in awhile and I decided to get back to it. Tried Bodhi Linux and it was the fastest thing I've ever used, but it was so freaking buggy on my laptop that it was unusable. It didn't know when it was plugged in. It was always saying that the battery was almost dead. Enlightenment looks good, but not being able to have anything on your desktop is a death sentence.

So I went on over to try Ubuntu 12.04. It was beautiful, full of features, and SLOW AS F*@$, it was BAD. So I tried the new Mint because a buddy of mine plays D3 on his like I was in Bodhi and I gave it a shot.

Mint is the perfect combination of speed and expandability. I like it. It's a little "Window-y" in my opinion, but I'm a fan.

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Re: Convert

Postby Oscar799 » Wed May 30, 2012 9:17 am

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Re: Convert

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:19 pm

Me too am also a convert! I saw and used a Linux distro from China which was called YLMF 4.0 and their beta of the upcoming YLMF 5.0. I also tried Zoran but unfortunately did not like it that much. Was too much like Windows(disfunctional). The Chinese distro I used 4.0 was very beautiful, but Terminal commands were just that! The commands went nowhere and were all refused. No Apt-Get and even simple commands to configure hardware were not possible. YLMF 5 turned kind of ugly with the faenza icons which are almost as terrible looking as Windows icons. The system was highly functional using the Google browser was like lightning. Since I was returning to school(College) I decided to get out of the beta and get another Linux OS. When I first got this "Maya" to get going it went to kind of a try before you buy screen!! Very impressive!!! Am still thoroughly impressed at the brilliance of this OS's developers to understand people want to know what the system is before they load it! As I am still kind of new to the Linux Experience, it was awesome to understand the system as it continued to load. I only had one uneasy feeling after installation. Since I have used computers there has always been the "boot splash" "bootup screen" whatever you want to call it! When I just saw black I was scared it was not going to work. As soon as I saw the arrow(mouse pointer) was I relieved! Once I got fairly well setup, I found I was missing the looks of YLMF 4.0 so I set out on the quest to obtain the closest look possible! Success, and is all because of the brilliance of this OS and those that have created themes, icons, etc. If anyone is interested in a great look that is easy on the eyes, my settings are as follows: Theme = ICS, Window Theme=GnomishDark all three buttons underneath checked, cursor=DMZ-Black, Keybind = Emacs, Icons= Humanity Colors Yellow, GTK + Theme=Adwaita Cuppertino SL Unity. Win7 eat your heart out!, cause there is no way Windows can ever match the beauty of this! Please Developers of "Maya" don't ever stop! You're very magical and producing an OS that is very pleasing to all tastes! Also have to mention is great to have apt-get! Is the best invention of Linux systems ever! The high efficiency of a few lines of command that just magically go to work is so good to have!

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Re: Convert

Postby abnvolk » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:44 am

I'm a convert too!
My first Linux OS was Ubuntu 9.10, because in my country Ubuntu is the most popular Linux OS. It was easy to install, but after many days trying to install an input method I decided to left Linux and come back to Windows :?
After some time, I try to use Ubuntu again. I installed 11.04 then upgrade to 11.10. I hate Unity because of the Mac-styled window buttons (seems stupid right?) and it takes at least 3 steps to browse program categories (Dash-Program Lens-Filter Results). Therefore I installed Gnome Shell.
But I don't like the Overview mode. I want a taskbar like in Windows, so I installed MGSE, but somehow it made the input boxes look ugly :?
So I switched to Mint 12, because I like the way it works out of the box! Then came across Cinnamon, and I love it! :D

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