Ep 12 of "Ubunchu!", a manga about Ubuntu reffers Linux Mint

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Ep 12 of "Ubunchu!", a manga about Ubuntu reffers Linux Mint

Postby Emmanuel_Chanel » Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:51 am

Ubuntu Magazine Japan, a Japanese magazine about Ubuntu Linux has a manga serialization named うぶんちゅ!(Ubunchu!).(On this forum, Ubunchu! is first refferred on Hilarious, a topic on the Open Chat forum. Now Ubunchu!'s episodes from #1 to #8 with a special episode is published in a book form as Ubunchu! Vol.1)
And the subtitle of Ubunchu! episode 12, appearing on Ubuntu Magazine Japan Vol. 08 and not yet released on the web is "妹系覇権ディストリ! ミントちゃん"(Imouto-kei Haken Distori! Mint-chan / Imouto-kei Hegemonic Distro! Mint-chan). "マヤ・ミント"(Maya Mint), a mysterious "Imouto-kei" high school girl newly appears and reffers Linux Mint on that episode.
Someone on this community found the appearance of Maya Mint and he gave that info to me and some others. He commented that the Ubuntu side may be disabled to ignore Linux Mint after it ranked the number 1 on "Page Hit Ranking" of Distro Watch instead of Ubuntu. Certainly, "Hegemonic", the word on the subtitle sounds that.
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As the Japanese sister topic of this, I posted ”うぶんちゅ!” 第12話は,”妹系覇権ディストリ! ミントちゃん” on the Japanese Forum of this board.

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12 Ubunchu! episodes now available on the Linux Mint Tumblr

Postby Alexio » Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:15 pm

The 12 Ubunchu! episodes (chapters) are now listed on the Linux Mint Tumblr with covers and links to download.

1. “Ubunchu” has come along!
2. CLI with gnomes!
3. Time for the Forums to debut!?
4. The Three Bunnies
5. Big Sister Arrives!
6. A Perfect Day for Koala
7. The Ultimate Installfest!
8. Have You Mooed Today?
9. Revolutionary Input Method Kaname
10. Interface War!?
11. The princess is your favorite old butler?
12. Linux Mint

You may help with the translation in your language, just follow the links and join the mailing-list for “Ubunchu!” at Google Groups.

How are the translations done?

Translations of the Ubunchu Manga are done from Japanese into English and then into many other languages by volunteers. After each chapter is released under a Creative Commons license, we can begin the process of transcribing each page, translating it and then reconstructing the full manga with translations.

If your are planning to translate the manga into another language, the author consent is not required because it is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. Though the author would really appreciate if you let him know when you have released the translation in your language.

Ubunchu! credits

Author: Hiroshi Seo
English Editors: Arturo Silva, Martin Owens
English Translators: Fumihito Yoshida and Hajime Mizuno

Ubunchu! license

This manga artwork is released under a Creative Commons: Attribution – NonCommcercial license.

You are free to copy, distribute,transmit and adapt the work under the following conditions:
- You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author.
- You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
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Re: Ep 12 of "Ubunchu!", a manga about Ubuntu reffers Linux

Postby stephie » Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:13 am

Thank you so much both of you!! :D I so wanted more episodes, but I couldn't find more than 8 episodes. I don't understand quite well japanese yet, but I'll read until it's available either in english or in spanish. I have the 8 episodes on my Linux mint and now I'm going to download the others. I didn't know that was an episode about Linux Mint!! I'm so excited!! :o
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