Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

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Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

Postby Valeryan_24 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:17 am


I'm a Ubuntu user but I know Linux Mint and I wanted to thank the developers for the Nautilus fork Nemo : :D

I do not know what is your aim with this software, but I hope it will be well maintained, and regarding your other forks, I am optimistic with that.

For the moment, it's Nautilus 3.4.2 with also some missing features, mainly due to the change of name and lack of configuration. For example, what does not work in Nemo :

- No "Compress" command for archiving selected documents with File Roller in the context menu

- No option like nautilus-actions as open-terminal in a specific folder (a nemo-open-terminal via context menu)

- No green or blue icon under the folder icon in Ubuntu One or Dropbox to indicate state of synchronization...

- On the "Help" - "About" menu, the "Nemo website" leads to which of course does not exist

If needed, I can open an issue on GIthub.

The missing (and removed, not just hidden) features in the new Nautilus that Nemo has imho to keep :

- Extra Pane Mode (F3)

- Status bar :
for me it is absolutely necessary and useful to know in just one second number of elements in a folder and free space available, without having to do "Properties" on context menu. And the free space is no more visible on the floating bar.

- Tree view : I use it a lot, as I have a very hierarchical organization of folders, with many sub-folders. And I need to see the tree to move files to another folder with drag and drop directly.

- Some icons (Up, address bar location...).

- Global menu : problem with HUD, global user experience (all applications have the menu in the top left), bookmarks no more available here : as I put sometimes tree view, I also need a very quick access to bookmarks. I do not use the defaults "Images", "Documents"... places as I organize my files by activity (Personal, Work, Friends...), not by type, so I've a lot of bookmarks which need quick and common access.

- I also discovered another necessary missing detail : dev' removed the hour in the date, both in the list view and in the window which opens when I copy files, in case of 2 documents have the same name !!!

Now if the 2 documents have been saved on the same day but not the same hour, I do not know which is the more recent, which I should keep or replace.

I do lots of copy between computers (with USB), folders, I don't use the cloud and synchronization for everywhere, just for backups, now I'm not able anymore to do simple file copies... It's perhaps not the "good" way to use computer, but it's mine. And there is no a "make code simple" reason for this...

I didn't find, for the moment, the possibility to add back the hour (hh:mm) in date :(

I understand the aim of Gnome developers to have clean code, easy-to-use program, but now Nautilus is no more a full file manager, it's a pity. OK, way to use computer is different, with Zeitgeist for example in many cases a file manager is no more essential, but in many others it's useful, and I'm accustomed to it, like many users.

So thanks for your work - if you are interested, there is also a discussion in Ubuntu design list to know what version of Nautilus they should carry in 12.10 : 3.6, 3.4, Marlin, Nemo... ? ... 03912.html

Best regards,


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Re: Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

Postby xenopeek » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:59 am

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Re: Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

Postby Monsta » Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:26 am

Ikey Doherty's Nautilus patches are now in Nemo too:

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Re: Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

Postby Monsta » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:02 am

Clem wrote a post about Nemo:
An excellent description of what Nemo is, how it is different from Nautilus, and what's expected in the future. :)

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Re: Nemo future - Linux Mint fork of Nautilus

Postby Condorman » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:00 pm

Was just reading the report on OMG Ubuntu! and was getting pretty annoyed by some of the responses. I understand some people getting upset at the amount of forks flying around these days, but to me a project has to focus in on what it wants to achieve. This is working for Ubuntu with Unity (despite what detractors say), and is working really well for Mint with Cinnamon. Some claims were being made that if Mint focuses too much on the DE, the rest of Mint suffers as a result. This claim would make sense if I could point at the latest release and say "look, he's right, it's a disaster", but it isn't. Mint and Cinnamon are getting better and better, and it all feels more together than before.

Why should a distro creator, if they have the resources, just accept whatever Gnome throws out and get on with it? Mint has an audience, and by extension an income, to be able to make decisions that suit Mint, not the Gnome team, surely?

I say all this as someone who isn't especially offended by Gnome Shell. I actually quite like it, and used it for some time with no trouble at all. But if a developer/team is able to make something the way they see it, and release it as open source software for everyone to use, why shouldn't they?

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