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Postby tbrownarcher2 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:34 am


I'm sorry for the simplicity of my beginning this may be too long. I don't know where else to put this.

I have been posting here for 3 weeks maybe with questions like why is my screen (desktop ) so different than all the instructions i read . I have been posting subjects like this -- (Via driver for via graphics card) or
(is it xorg.conf causing my boot problem?) and several others.
well I finally found my Gforce video card on a shelf in a garage today and i was excited. Went to put it in the computer and it wouldn't fit it's too old or something .... Well, anyhow to shorten this up i decided that i was going to take my win7 computer out and install the linux mint cinnamon on it. WOWWWWW! is pretty much all i can say ....Just looking at it I can see that working with it is going to be a dream... maybe not all i think it's gonna be but things are gonna be much much to expectations.
After all these years of giving up and starting again and giving up and ..................... well, many of you know what i'm saying .... i WANT TO SHOUT OUT A GREAT BIG THANKS TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT HAD A HAND IN THIS DISTRO. I have learned a lot over the years about this Linux thing but could never put it together so as to have a useful system. I got it now. This is gonna be fun.!

Thankyou Ginsu and all the others that have been helping me lately . It was gonna work but it was gonna be down right bloody. This is what i have ben looking for


Just as a little ASIDE. I guess I don't know the rules here i don't want to break them.. BUT! if someone or someones could highlight a useful task for me to learn and see how long it takes me to learn it ... This would help me cause I'm not full of ideas. I hope this is something that can be done I know it will help me a lot and it sounds like fun.
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Postby rhlegion » Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:06 am

:lol: I know its an amazing distro and ive been recomending it and installing it (by request lol) on everyone's computer since! though i am still a bit conflicted when choosing ubuntu or mint... cause even though the new ubuntu unity irritates most linux users and so does gnome 3 from what i hear, i think unity is refreshing once you get used to it and can be quite handy and i love its look and feel. Then on the other hand i ran linux mint cinnamon for a while too and loved it as well!!

so lesson learned, you just can't go wrong with linux lol :wink:
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