What do you want on your Linux Mint Christmass CD/DVD/DLDVD?

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What do you want on your Linux Mint Christmass CD/DVD/DLDVD?

Postby jamvaru » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:15 am

If you made a christmass present of Linux Mint, what would you want it to include? Which packages, desktop(s), other .iso images, like clonezilla, etc., would you want on the disc?

If you are interested, consider the possibilities for each of the non-bluray sizes of discs. Optionally, you could also include a mini-cd version, if you like.

I'm undecided at this point, but let me give it a stab.

CD: remove libre-office, include abiword; remove transmission; possibly remove other to get it down to cd size... perhaps lxde or xfce if size remains an issue

DVD: Cinnamon default with other desktops installed, lxde, xfce, kde, mate... install several browsers except for google and opera, midori, mintube, some other stuff, webcam stuff, video editing stuff... perhaps some other stuff, keep it simple... include .iso images clonezilla, possibly others

DLDVD: Install ALL de and window managers, sky's the limit, everything... within reason ... other .iso's

so, that's just the basic idea... now, to decide what is really worthy of a particular disc

any suggestions?

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