Finally Linux that is working!

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Finally Linux that is working!

Postby DSA » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:33 am

Hi Mint developers,

Just wanted to thank you for producing a Linux distro that's a more or less normal user like me (although with a quite a bit of technical background) can use to accomplish regular daily tasks. It's great to see an nice looking, working and customizable open source OS that is becoming true alternative to commercial OS choices. I also like the fact that it provides a well tuned traditional desktop as a choice, as opposed to questionable modern alternatives such as Unity or Windows 8 Metro.

There was one struggle in the beginning that it would be great to take care of in one of the next updates - Flash played 4x normal speed, requiring some Flash and PulseAudio uninstall / reinstall magic (others may be not as patient troubleshooting it), but by and large it's a great OS that works!


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