I love MATE!

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I love MATE!

Postby rmcellig » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:03 pm

I have Mint 13 KDE, XFCE, Cinammon, Debian and MATE installed on my laptop. I have been checking out each one of them and so far it's a toss up between XFCE and MATE. I'm still undecided. Right now I am in MATE and this is what I LOVE when it comes to configuring it.

I know to some people this may look ugly (I'm still playing around with panel color and panel size but you get the idea). I have easy access to my computer world. I would recomend this distro to anyone in a heartbeat. Can hardly wait for Mint 14 later in Novermber.

Bottom line is that I get things done quickly the way I want to. My 24" iMac still sits on the desk withthe rare visit mainly to watch videos and do some video editing. Other than that my time is spent between two old Dell Desktops and a HP laptop. Love it!!
My MATE desktop (so far).
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