Mate is the best desktop ever out

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Re: Mate is the best desktop ever out

Post by DisappearingOak »

Cinnamon 1.6 has been very stable for me. It sometimes hangs when changing themes and most of the time zip files won't open because the archive manager refuses to launch, but that's a completely different issue. I hope 1.8 will be as stable. I look forward to the desklets especially. I want beautiful analog clocks and meters and sticky notes and calendars all over the place. I tried the Nightly ppa three times over the past couple weeks on raring but the desktop wouldn't load at all,.

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Re: Mate is the best desktop ever out

Post by Orbmiser »

Yep plan to give Mint 15 with 1.8 a whirl when it is released end of May.

Tho running Mint 14 KDE and quite happy with that so far. Has many features I require that are missing from other distro's.

And am a little sadden with Desklets as there has only been five and none added to cinnamon last 3 months.
But maybe that will change once it's out and yep for me Calendars,Clocks,Gmail & Weather are my mostly needed.

And see comics? binary clock? and very simple clock but nothing I'm interested in putting on the desktop.
As KDE with Plasmoids has a slew for desktop or integrate into panel which is pretty handy to give choice on how to use widgets.

Allows me to integrate a popup weather with radar map and gmail with voice alert in the panel and Conky does the time & date & system info on the desktop.

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Re: Mate is the best desktop ever out

Post by Brahim Salem »

These desklets suck man :shock: :shock: Very ugly and the old screenlets are way better :shock: horrible and have a plastic look :shock:
We'll need a

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sudo apt-get please purge this crappy desklets
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Mate is the best desktop ever out

Post by smash72 »

I love Cinnamon 1.6. Works perfectly for me and I like the way it works and looks like. It's smooth and getting better all the time.

My choices are: 1. Cinnamon, 2. Mate, 3. Xfce
Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca /64-bit /Cinnamon

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