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Questions about Linux Mint

Postby ihavenoname » Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:25 am


I have been contemplating tryin Linux Mint for a while. I use Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux. Before I throw in a cd I have a few questions.

1. Does Linux Mint Include nvidia drivers?

2. What "non-free" things are included in Linux Mint. (Please referenacing me would do just dandy (for any of these questions). I am actually really busy with school right now (you have NO idea) but I would really like to try Linux Mint, and thus I need justification!)

3. Does Linux mint work with reconstructor? (I was wondering if I could customize it a little)

4. Are there any Linux Mint specific tools/apps that are worth mentioning?
5. Anything you want to add? Things I should keep in mind coming from Ubuntu?

Thank you.

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Postby clem » Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:37 am

1. No, but it does include envy.

2. The Flash plugin.

3. Yes, and it also works with remastersys.

4. Yes... (mintDisk, mintDesktop, mintMenu, mintConfig, mintWifi, etc...)

5. Different philosophy, different release cycle.


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Postby ihavenoname » Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:29 pm

hey. Ok So I am currently in Linux Mint. One issue I am having with the Live-cd (I have not installed). My madwifi drivers (which work flawlessly in Ubuntu) aren't working on the live-cd. here's the output I get when I run dmesg |grep ath

Code: Select all

 [17179649.544000] ath_rate_sample: Unknown symbol ath_hal_computetxtime
[17179649.612000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_tx_complete
[17179649.612000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol _ath_hal_attach
[17179649.612000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_attach
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_newassoc
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_computetxtime
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_dynamic_proc_register
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_mhz2ieee
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_detach
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_probe
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_node_cleanup
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_detach
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_node_init
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_findrate
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_init_channels
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_newstate
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_rate_setupxtxdesc
[17179649.616000] ath_pci: Unknown symbol ath_hal_getwirelessmodes

ath_pci is the right module. But for some reason it is not working. Hmm?? I have a wusb54g wifi card which does work. The only problem is that this card using the rt2570 drivers does not work with network-manager. (The replacement driver that is being worked on (rt2x00) from my experience has worked, but it is not ready for prime time yet.) The ndiswrapper version of the wusb54g driver did not work.

Any thoughts on the madwifi problem?

Just as a note, I want to thank the Linux Mint devs (Clem?) for including the kernel header, gcc, and make as they are in my personal opinion essential.

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