Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

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Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

Post by Brahim Salem »

Ever since Canonical released the pitiful Ubuntu 11.04 and the desktop disaster known as Unity, I have been on a quest to find a Linux distribution as simple and as fun to use as Ubuntu 10.10. At long last, Linux Mint 15 is a step forward in the Linux world instead of five steps backwards. While not quite as polished as Ubuntu 10.10, Linux Mint 15 is a solid attempt to reclaim the ease-of-use Ubuntu 10.10 still offers today–only with updated software and noticeable improvements.

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Re: Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

Post by podagee »

it depends on the gui you use. i played with kubuntu 13.04 and kubuntu 13.10 and i think the look is very sleek and polished. as far as user friendly i think its only difference is the codecs , flash , etc. that makes it friendlier. i have played recently on mint 15 and obviously like it,but, in comparison with ubuntu, i think ubuntu is quicker and flashier than mint distros.that is my opinion.
i also agree on the fact that unity was one of the most horrible options canonical chose as a desktop.cinnamon by far is my favorite desktop along with kde.
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Re: Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

Post by craig10x »

Unity is simply a dock which is on the left side of the screen and can be auto can also make the icons smaller (which i do) and put your favorites and frequently used apps on it for quick 1 click access...less used apps i just hit up the "dash" search and bring them up in a few seconds (like you would do in the search on the cinnamon slab menu)...the global menu is a space saver and the dash search is similiar to the search on the mac...Overall, actually it is very mac like....

So, yeah...if you hate docks and you hate macs you probably won't like unity...but i don't hate macs or docks and i do love unity :wink:

I like mint 15 but i would not say it is BETTER just different in the cinnamon desktop mostly...and i like the colors and window fonts on ubuntu better, personally...

Funny thing is i originally changed over to mint because through i liked ubuntu, i did not like it's original desktop and liked mint's better...but once Unity arrived it was back to Ubuntu again... :lol:

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Re: Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

Post by The Dark Side »

Linux Mint works better and is more polished of Kubuntu and Xubuntu versions I have used. It works much better, and for the end user is much easier to use than Ubuntu.-

Unity still does not convince me at all. We will have to see what happens when Unity be ported to Qt and the Mir graphical server running on Ubuntu 14.04. A new test for Ubuntu, will have to see how they would comes out .... Greetings.
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Re: Linux Mint 15 – Better Than Ubuntu 13.04

Post by izombie »

I have been using Linux since 2009. I started with Mint Helena but ended up going to Ubuntu 9.10 (seemed better/ easier at the time). I was a huge fan of Ubuntu until Unity. Finally when 12.10 came out the prbolems I experiended with that release and 13.06 made me go back to the 12.04 release of Ubuntu. I then started looking for a new system. I tested Debian 6, debian 7, Magia, LMDE 201303, PinGuy, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Open Suse. The only OS that worked smoothly every time was linux Mint Mate. SO now I have my system running on Mint 15 mate. The only issues I have had was the HDMI sound which was fairly easy to fix, and I am not a fan Duck Duck go. Outside of that, I have been running Mint for two days and I am quite pleased with the perdormance. I'ts nice to work with a felxible stable system again!

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