Something I noticed about Mint which isnt great

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Something I noticed about Mint which isnt great

Post by phill1978 »

love mint :D

however i noticed something across released KDE,XFCE etc.. :?:

If you load your HDD up with activity (for example download a Steam game or move a large file from one disc to another) The audio pauses and the system freezes for a second ?

Why is this? windows doesnt do this? I have a decent spec PC with 4GB RAM & 6 cores @ near 4.0 ghz. I can browse the web listening to some audio and if there is some big transfer activity it pauses things? So Is there a priority thing going on? In windows audio is the last thing to get disrupted, even the desktop can lock up totally but unless its a bluescreen it keeps going! this is how it should be, audio should not stammer under CPU load.. ever.. period :(

imagine if you used your linux laptop for audio DJing (MAC's are used a lot for this) your speakers would be crackling and your customers leaving.

any ideas? perhaps its just a setting. I have two soundcards in my PC an aftermarket one and the internal realtek


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Re: Something I noticed about Mint which isnt great

Post by kurotsugi »

interesting...I've never heard theese issue before. could you give us the result of 'inxi -Fxr'? since the bug is related with HDD activity the problem might related with I/O management, updating the kernel might be a good thing to try. as far as I know mint14 indeed have some issue related with copying file in HDD which make the process takes a long time. however, I never heard it affect the audio and these issue have been resolved on the newest kernel update

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