Trackpad issues in version 13 MATE 64bit

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Trackpad issues in version 13 MATE 64bit

Postby ajhmint » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:06 am


I have noticed a problem, where the livecd mode of Maya 13 (I used MATE) has a trackpad disabled by default on boot.

With an Acer Aspire one 725-0826, everything is fine. However with model 725-0670, the trackpad is disabled by default. "dmesg | grep mouse" provides the same output in both systems - it knows it is an elantech device.

I found that the command:

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$ sudo rmmod psmouse
$sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

is key to getting back to funtionality.

Oddly, in the case of the disabled trackpad, when I pres Fn+F7, the icon comes up as an "X" over a trackpad image, but then the pointer works! When pressed again, the icon shows a trackpad enabled... and the pointer is frozen again.

By some chance of random events, using "rmmod psmouse", pressing Fn+F7 to show the disabled "X" icon, and then "modprobe psmouse proto=imps", this scenario sometimes reverses to the proper way, trackpad works when the icon says it should.

But the problem is still the default state -- It should just work like it does in the other unit.

I will post when I try with the lates Mint MATE 64bit, hopefully this is already solved. I hate the fact that this happens differently with hardware that's nearly identical...

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