The future of Linux Mint

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The future of Linux Mint

Post by AnonKS »

With all this talk of Ubuntu switching to mir, what's the future look like for mint? Is mint going to break off from Ubuntu, the way Ubuntu broke off from Debian? Or is mint going to just roll with Ubuntu and run mir? I am actually worried about this. I love mint. It's my favorite distro, and no matter what else I install on my system, my mint partition always stays in tact.
If, for some reason, mint goes the mir way, I'm not sure I can go with. I guess I would use mint 13 until support runs out, and then what?

If the dev team is planning to break away from Ubuntu, I would be more than happy to help with porting packages, testing, etc.

Does anyone have info or opinions on this?

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Re: The future of Linux Mint

Post by nomko »

This is discussed already, [url=]see here[/url].
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Re: The future of Linux Mint

Post by Oscar799 »

As nomko says this subject is discussed elsewhere
If you wish to contribute to that discussion you are free to do so
Having it fragmenting all over the place serves no purpose
I'm locking this thread

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