NVIDIA Sound Troubles

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NVIDIA Sound Troubles

Postby mike acker » Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:07 am

interesting read on nvidia problem


one of the promoted comments:
DrDenim wrote:
I thought the Nvidia drivers on linux where supposedly pretty decent, and at least better than AMD?? I've tried Steam on linux quite a bit, and had tons of issues with my AMD GPU, both open source and proprietary drivers! I was thinking of getting and Nvidia card, having read their drivers were ok. So... they both suck?

No, NVIDIA's proprietary drivers are fantastic on Linux, and have been for many years. This is about improving the open source one, called Nouveau (which has problems, though obviously due in part to lack of documentation).

hmmmmmmmmm........ i notice a lot of folks having trouble w/ nvidia

i found this:


I would expect that NVIDIA's "Proprietary Drivers" -- need to be $$ Licensed -- which doesn't work with open source/free software. If I'm right then that would be why we need an open source driver...

however it looks like Nvidia might let folks download and install their proprietary driver. I don't have any Nvidia in my box (that was on purpose) so I can't run any tests . so I'll just throw these thoughts out here and then duck into the Saloon and hide out.
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