cinnamom vs mate - which one has a better future?

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cinnamom vs mate - which one has a better future?

Postby shengchieh » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:40 pm

I already downloaded LM XFCE, but I want to download one other LM (and a few lightweight distros) in case I need it - I don't know how powerful the school's old computer except that it is
probably more powerful than this dinosaur I am using now.

From searching, I learn that Mate is faster than Cinnamom. Of the two (LM Mate & LM Cinnamom), which one has a better future? Or should I use the LM KDE or LMDE version as alternative distro instead?

Your opinion please???


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Re: cinnamom vs mate - which one has a better future?

Postby passerby » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:43 pm

MATE is faster and much lighter.
Cinnamon is being more actively developed.

Cinnamon probably has the "better future"; MATE isn't actively adding new features and technologies like Cinnamon, its focus is on a stable working environment.
Since it's an older computer, though it sounds like you don't know the exact specs, I'd say to go with MATE.
The version depends on you; LMDE just had an update pack released, but for a long time it'd been very out of date. As for LM, if you don't want to reinstall every 6 months, I'd say go with 13, the LTS version.
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