Can we have Updated ISO with package updates?

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Can we have Updated ISO with package updates?

Postby anandrkris » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:36 am

Hi - I am wondering whether the initial ISO's are ever updated with latest packages that come as updates after installation.
Say, I have Linux Mint 13 installed and ever since there are so many security / new package updates, i think user has to download original ISO (xMB) then again download another y MB of updates. Now, in regions where internet bandwidth is scarce, users suffer a lot with x+y MB of download.

I can think of some reasons like testing ISO, maintenance, etc but at least once in a month or so or when major updates are available, ISO can be updated. If it is a costly operation, can anyone point me to any re-spins that're maintained for Mint by other enthusiasts. At least, for LTS version this can be made available.

If this has been already discussed, please direct me to the post.

I think even Linus torvalds reported a similair issue few weeks ago in his G+ post-
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Re: Can we have Updated ISO with package updates?

Postby js3915 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:34 am

Would be a challenge, especially if you pride yourself on being very "stable" Also kinda pointless if you release every 6 months.
Does suck to reinstall a system then have to upgrade 500 packages. Only option might be like a nightly spin mark it experimental make users click like 3 warnings stating that its not tested to the standard of the normal 6 month release.

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