I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by Fizzywhiskers »

I run all 3 OSes -- I have a MacBook air, this laptop (HP laptop running Mint 17), and a desktop PC running Windows 7.

I like all 3 platforms in different ways. Linux tends toward a simpler aesthetic that pleases me, I'm an emacs user and it works best on *nix, and I've always liked using the shell. I also really like having a package manager. And a lot of interesting software gets developed for linux first. But things like games aren't as well supported -- although the situation seems to have improved there a lot, not just via Steam but because Wine is so good at running older games (as is dosbox). Hardware support is always iffier (I'm struggling with the synaptics support since upgrading from Mint 16 to 17). My main criticism of Linux distributions is that they are too blase about the inconveniences, but they really are getting better (slowly). I don't think they are going to catch on in the developed world (except amongst developers), though; there just isn't enough carrot. Maybe in the developing world.

Mac has the best complete package: the integration between hardware and software is superior, IMO. And it's a *nix, with a reasonable shell and toolchain but a great UI. However, while there _are_ decent ways to port over Linux tools, they aren't quite as convenient as the real thing. Mac OS doesn't exactly have package management, either, although it has an app store and the OS handles updates to things shipped that way.

Windows is a strange beast. Because it's so popular, it has some fabulous applications (games, but also general tools). For the same reason, it has pretty good hardware support (although the integration is never as tight as on a Mac). Strangely, some Unix-y things (e.g., python programming) can sometimes be easier on Windows because there is no OS dependency -- Windows doesn't care which version of Python you have installed. There are ways of dealing with this in Linux/Unix as well, but I dream of the day when the OS won't expose the things it uses internally -- I shouldn't have to care. On the other hand, Windows doesn't have the same kind of toolchain, and there is no package management at all (well, unless you use Chocolatey).

In daily use, I use Windows at work (because they insist), but mostly use Mint (or some Linux) at home. Mostly it's good enough, and for the few things it can't quite do, there have either been ingenious work-arounds (e.g., Pipelight) or I can use the Mac. But I often think about going back to Windows -- because whatever it lacks, the hardware tends to work better. (My HP struggles with overheating in Linux.) I know that isn't the Linux developer's fault -- the truth is, the hardware manufacturers are privileging support for Windows. Still, it's an issue.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by Spearmint2 »

expat_tony wrote:Well, Colonial John, you're obviously still visiting or you wouldn't have seen spearmint's post.
I'd just like to say that my experience with these forums is completely the opposite of yours.....

You'll get through the hard times, believe me.....
As I suspected at the time, he didn't intend to be around long. Only 2 post total as of now, and none since that thread.

I was sold on the concept of Linux back when Knoppix was the first LIVE CD available. "Initiating Startup Sequence" lol. I didn't however try to switch over completely at the time, because Win 2000 wasn't burdened down with all the Activation and Genuine (we don't trust anyone) Advantage. I kept an eye on Linux over the intervening years, even gritting my teeth every time XP would want WPA again because I'd changed some internal card or updated the motherboard, etc. Vista same along, and by the time I turned off everything I didn't want on it, ("are you sure....") I pretty much ended up with Vista Basic instead. I had loaded it to double boot with XP, used a couple months, finally couldn't stand it anymore and removed it and restore the XP bootloader.

Windows 7 came out, I ended up letting it sit in the box almost 2 years, didn't need it since XP was sufficient, finally loaded onto wife's computer since her work had upgraded from XP to it. Tried it out some, but didn't like the divided networking situation between Home Group and Business setups. Didn't care for the iconography, nor the coloring that much. A grown daughter brought her laptop over with windows 8 and I nearly puked when I played around in it and decided that would be the end of the Windows for me, even Vista looked good compared to W8.

A year before XP was due to expire I started trying out many LIVE CD and DVD of Linux varieties and was happily surprised by how the desktop environment had improved so much. I'd been attracted to Ubuntu, but then the Unity reminded me somewhat of the W8 approach and I was turned off to that, so ended up at Kubuntu. That's a great system too, with the KDE on it. Over the next 6 months it slowly morphed into the system I was using the most. I'd not exactly planned it that way, I still considered it a trial, but realized I preferred it even over XP in most things, but still XP had third party software I liked that didn't run under WINE.

I continued testing Linux distros and moved from using LIVE DVD's to running in a virtual environment, all the "buntus", Easy Peasy, newest Knoppix, I didn't Zorin due to larger download size, but I was curious about the ranking at distrowatch and saw Mint at the top and I'd not even tried it yet. Seemed like an odd name for a computer operating system. I tried the Mint 14 LIVE DVD, liked it, set for a triple boot with XP, Kubuntu. The more I played around in it, the more attached I was to it, and by this time XP was almost not being used at all.

Finally the day came when XP was no longer supported and I realized I didn't really care about that anymore, I had what I wanted to use, Mint Linux.

What I liked about it;

1) it's simplicity of look and use

2) no virus, but yet I could add CLAMav and CLAMtk and still check for virus (which found an pdf exploit that MSE even to this day doesn't see). The CLAM is light weight compared to AVG and other AV.

3) Small footprint

4) Speed of execution

5) the repository to insure third party software was safe

6) No suspicious "dial home" activities going on, other than the weather/date and software update program, which I could turn off anyway till needed. I check once a week and then turn it back off.

7) No Genuine Advantage "virus" locking one out at unexpected time, and after SP3 needing a registry change just to get it out of a loop so one could activate it again.

8 ) Root in Linux is like System in permissions for Windows, except Microsoft can access and control SYSTEM, which is why Activation works anyway. That gives Microsoft complete control anytime they want it.

9) People have mentioned cost, but that wasn't a big factor to me, I've several retail copies of Vista, one of W7 and never wanted anything past that. However Linux allows one to sample the product for free, something not easily done in Windows (I think there's a 30 day trial on their software now) and at no cost.

10) A big one for me is the LIVE DVD concept. A fully capable (because it CAN write to a drive or flash media) operating system one can boot into from the DVD and use before ever installing it. Windows still doesn't do that. If Linux system has a problem booting, pop in the DVD and do what's needed till you can fix what's wrong later when you have time. In Windows you just can't do that, and even the DVD's Repair options are barely functional at times.

11) I'm not a "gamer", so can't make any comparison there, but I've heard that Windows is the best for such pursuits. Gaming is not a "game changer" for me between the two systems.

12) Windows is limited to two file systems, the NTFS and the FAT types. Just the use of any EXT file system already puts one ahead on security from windows users since they can't even view a file on such a system. Both windows and linux can use TrueCrypt, so that's cross platform when needed. Windows can't install to anything but hard drive, Linux can install to USB drives.

13) Windows Media Player seems limited at times due to DRM, whereas other media players don't have that monkey on their back.

14) I never liked and therefore rarely used IE browser, preferring Netscape, then later Firefox even in Windows, so that was natural progression over to Linux for web browsing. I still have the disc from Netscape 2, I purchased in a store box ages ago, before all browsers were free. I think the box is gone, but the disc remain. I like keeping stuff like that for historical purposes.

15) My email clients had always been Netscape Messenger and then Thunderbird, so another natural progression over to using same in Linux.

16 ) Linux can be used to rescue windows systems, backup files from windows before reloading it. Windows can barely rescue itself.

17) Preference. I like it better. Even on XP I always used the classic menu and theme, didn't like the cartoon look of the default theme and start menu.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by ajcardiac »

1. Because I can.

2. Out of interest to use an O/S other than Windows.

3. Evaluation to see if can replace Windows when Vista extended support ends in 2017.

4. To see if faster than Windows for browsing.

5. To see if I could set up a double/triple boot.

6. Unimpressed that Win 8.x OEM onwards is tied into the mobo.

So far I have to say I'm impressed, although haven't been able to add my printer yet.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by Pjotr »

Because it's secure, fast, stable, reliable, free (both meanings) and highly customizable. But also because it's fun! :mrgreen:
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by exploder »

I couldn't have said it any better Pjotr! :)
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by nuttzo34 »

The main reason i use linux and mint is because

2.No running around looking for exe files and having to meticulously uncheck toolbars and crapware etc.
3.Little chance of viruses and spyware
4.Much quicker to install,try doing a clean windows 8 from your old media or recovery partition and see how many gigs of updates you need.
5.No 200mb+ bloated drivers
6.No having to look over the event viewer like windows because your computer keeps restarting for unknown reasons,mint is rock solid and almost never crashes.
7.It just works.
8.It doesn't cost money to own.
9.You can submit bugs,see the process at work and have them fixed,ie i posted a bug with the handbrake icon not showing in the panel at certain sizes and within a few days it was merged into git and the mint-x-icons updated and released through updates,how cool is that?

I could go on and on but unless you game or you have a must have windows app you can't run in a vm then linux wins hands down.
I didn't say anything about Osx because i would never pay the amount of money they want and because they don't patch serious security issues in some of their still supported os's and i don't like their constant updates,give me LTS anyday of the week.

The main reason i went with mint 17 was because of their decision to stay on the ubuntu 14.04 base.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by vanpe »

I am currently running Linux Mint 17.1 on my MacBook Pro. Even though I like OSX and even Windows 8.1, I felt Linux was something I should experiment with. For me, the benefit to using Linux is that I have learned more about computers in the few months I have been using Linux than in the years that I have been using other operating systems. Another thing I like about Linux, which is just my observation, is that Linux users tend to have a creator mindset whereas Windows seems to be more about consuming.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by warp »

For me it is a matter of FOSS and the OpenDocumentFormat (ODF).
With Free & Open Source Software there is no vendor-lock-in.
I, and only I, decide how my documents/data are handled.
No Google, no Apple, no Microsoft will tell me what program I must use, now or in the future, in order to approach/handle my data.
That's all there is to it.

Linux offers freedom.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by linux-dummie »

For me it was one reason: stinkin' viruses!! :cry:
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by KBD47 »

To have a stable and secure OS. And freedom from MS.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by lexon »

Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with Windows, say my girlfriend using Vista and stepson using W7. Now he mostly uses his iPad. A super device I also use and an iPhone. Use both when out on the road.

I have used Linux since 2003 at home. Stable secure.

I figured the OP was just a Troll by the message.

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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by Megaohmz »

Politics alone should sway anyone to want to get away from windows. If you are curious as to what politics I refer to, just Ixquix or startpage Bill Gates eugenics, Bill Gates's Father eugenics, windows backdoor nsa, and you will learn why it is so important we get away from windows and even mac. There is no need to support those people anymore.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by parsma »

Why use Linux over Windows?

Well, the reasons for me has to with that I use that Redmond system at work and ...

Actually, I think that's my reasons done.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by pacho37 »

one day when still using win7 i was called by, as it later turned out, a fake MS support worker who somehow knew(guessed?) what operating system i was using and informed me that my computer is at risk and i should instantly download a program to ensure everything is ok. everything for only 99 Euros :D around that point i started asking myself why i would still 'inflict' Windows on my ageing self when there are better alternatives...
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by Dave B »

Hi pacho37,

If helpful so you are not worried, or concerned, the fake callers do not know which OS you are / were using, they are simply applying the law of averages, (before tablets became popular) around 80% of home users computers run Windows. They are easy to spot since they usually call saying "Hi I'm calling from Windows" (rather than Microsoft). Microsoft would never call out of the blue like that anyway. They usually try and gain access to machines, by people letting them use 'remote assistance' to fix their so called 'problem'. Wouldn't surprise me if they are actually installing a bot-net.

Good for you for not proceeding! :)
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Post by vl1969 »

Last year I got 5! Of this calls.
Since all my pc run mint I had a blast trolling them for 20 plus minutes, asking questions like what pc is infected, please give me the ip address etc.

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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by frodopogo »


Windows Malware. (Yes, shockwave IS a problem on everything).
Windows Antivirus programs which sometimes seem like a greater annoyance that what they are supposed to protect you from.
Faster boot times on the same hardware.
Linux Mint most often leaves choices up to you. Windows often makes decisions for you, like when you want to do a software update.
More subtle esthetics. Windows splashes color around like it were decorating a pre-school!
Windows tendency to slow down over time and need cleaner programs.
Junky software that comes with a new Windows computer.

Software does enter into it however.

I had hassles with MS when they wouldn't migrate the license for a legal copy of Word to another computer after the first one died.
So I was already headed for Open Office. And my other two favorite programs are Firefox and Audacity, and both are available for Linux too.

Yes, it's very satisfying to be able to tell those "Windows" scammers "I run Linux", and hang up.

Oh yeah.... years ago, I realized it's just very handy and very safe to have access to TWO operating systems to access your data.
I tend to see Linux Mint as being far more likely to be used to access data on the Windows partition if Windows crashes or gets infected, but there's a small possibility of the reverse happening.
Even now that I don't use Windows at all, I alway keep two different Linux distros in a dual boot arrangement. It's just a wise thing to to.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by cecilieaux »

I was perfectly happy dual-booting Windows XP and Linux. Then Micro$oft decided to pull the plug on XP and I couldn't stand it. Some zillionaire company dictating to me what I could do on my computer!

So I decided on Linux only. (With DOSBox and an old Windows 98 virtual machine I have truly old games onl for me, Wine has never worked for anything I really wanted.) I disagree with comments about the quality of Linux apps; everything that works, works well. Some of it is not as "pretty" in a banal way, as Windows apps, but the same functionality is available if you know where to look.

I started with Ubuntu, but then came Unity and I just couldn't stand it. I positively hate Unity.

Linux Mint has the advantage that it has all the functionality of Ubuntu, but it is made by sane people who like beauty, not just tinkerers trying to out-tinker Microsoft on cellular phones (sorry, Canonical, you lost me with Unity).

So, in brief: Why Linux? For freedom from abritrary, money-grubbing and nosy corporations. Why Linux Mint? For the beauty and common sense of the distro.
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Re: I have/like Mint- but...WHY? What was the point??

Post by texbrew »

Lots of good reasons for choosing/using Mint already posted in this thread, and many excellent points covered.

lexon said, "I figured the OP was just a Troll by the message."

Could be. Even so, the OP kicked off an interesting thread. And I noticed a very recent post from cecilieaux and decided to chime in with my two cents.

My own trail to Linux Mint is littered with breadcrumbs leading back about 5 years beginning with simple curiosity. I had two old Windows PC's which were no longer trusted for web use, and had done some reading about linux. These two old machines were just gathering dust, so I had nothing to lose. Downloading ISO's cost nothing. The learning curve was a little steep for me, but it was FUN! Still learning and still having FUN, BTW.

Mint is one of my three favorite Linux distros (OSes or "flavors" if you prefer). No need to mention the other two distros here...

Many Windows/Mac OS users will make the switch, many won't.

I wonder how many XP users have switched to linux since support for XP ended last year...

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