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Re: What made you switch to Linux Mint?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:11 am
by Kabé
My jump to Linux came about three years ago, when I wanted to speed up my eeepc 1000h netbook (my only laptop at that time) that I used for my classes, including to show videos - Win7 or XP were too much of a load for the netbook. I installed Mint Mate 17.0 and was happy enough with it to install it also on my desktop, as dual boot next to W7 (to which I didn't turn back for almost a year now). In the mean time I acquired a new laptop, a Dell XPS 13 (extremely happy with this one), which has only Mate installed, and everything is now turning smoothly on Mate 18.3.

I use them a lot for video, for my teaching: minor editing (kdenlive), transcoding (handbrake) and playing, of course (smplayer; I even ditched vlc - not as good in performance as smplayer, imo). A very happy user of Mint Mate!


Re: What made you switch to Linux Mint?

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:23 pm
by brvcf
Windows 10, especially the forced and basically uncontrollable and sometimes failed updates. Who wants to see a 'please wait' blue screen on a regular basis?

Also 'obsolete' XP and Vista. I have converted many customers. Low spec XP PCs get Lubuntu, better ones get Mint XFCE.

Started that way, but as the word gets out, customers starting to ask me about converting. Also when someone brings in a screwed up Windows 10 PC and I plug in a USB and boot their "broken" computer to perfectly functional Mint in about one minute, it sells itself.