Just upgraded from Mint Cinnamon 16 to 17, some thoughts...

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Just upgraded from Mint Cinnamon 16 to 17, some thoughts...

Postby DAP » Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:36 pm

I folowed the DVD ROM method.

1) I backed up the stuff installed using the backup tool. This worked, however it seemed to want to restore stuff that I had never used and appeard to have been removed from Mint 17. It did not restore or even allow to be restored any of the applets I had installed on 16.
The way I would prefer this to work is record only the applications I installed using the software manager, and only remember the top level, not the dependancies which may change with a version change. It should also remember the applets I installed.
It was nice that it installed MythTV from the PPA that I had previously installed. I'm not sure how you would handle that kind of install since it is outside of the perview of the software manager.

2) I attempted to backup my files using the backup tool. This did not work. The backup hung sayng "calculating" or something to that effect, using no CPU or disk activity. I aborted that and copied my files using the file browser. In the end I did not need the backup. My system has a separate boot spindle, so my old home directory was not overwritten. I re-named my old home directory, copied the new home to the home spindle, made a soft link to it from the boot disk, and then copied the files I wanted to keep from the old home directory into the new home directory.

3) I have focus set to "click", and "Automatically raise focused windows" unchecked, but when I click on a window, it jumps to the front. This is not the behavior I want. I would much preferr to manually set the window stackup independant of the focus, the way that it was done on the Amiga.

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