A business ready "Linux Mint"

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A business ready "Linux Mint"

Postby karlox » Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:12 pm

I been looking for a ready to do business distro for about a year and a personal computing distro , i think LM it's perfect for media , internet browsing , gaming , etc. but i havent found yet the other.
The point is . i see that LM have a light version , kde , gnome , etc versions but what all the people have in common is business needs ,so i ask for a new forum about Linux Mint and Business or a business version.
What things a distro need to be used for business.
An Ofice suite with a word processor , an spreadsheet , presentations , forms , etc.
a customer relationship management software , project managenent , accounting , Point of sale , trade quotes software , web server ,online sales , web design , databases , etc. none of them LM have it.
You can install it buy you have to be a computer wizard to do all that. Small business and many online needs a distro ready to work.
So what is gonna be , another distro or will be a special LM business ready...
vielle danke

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