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Re: Minty Madness :)

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[quote="MintyMorkyMindy"]~ soap box time ~

Linux Mint fast search, like Everything


Doesn't take too much time to learn the basics of the Linux Terminal/Command LIne. For fast file-searching, I've not found anything to match it. The speed is without equal and made me drop GUI searching altogether. I especially enjoy being able to search for text strings in text files across all or specific directories at that speed, and I use that feature constantly. There are thousands of tutorials and tips out there on just about anything you'd like to know about the CLI. The time and trouble were worth it for me, who am not even a compooter geek.
Just my 2.75-cents, adjusted for inflation.
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Re: Minty Madness :)

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Wow, I missed my one year anniversary of being a Linux Mint user, 5 October 2015 ... had many others things to celebrate AFK.

I can't believe its been a year already.

Well I think this OS, Linux Mint 17.2, is the best, the bees knees and having installed Win 10 for games, and denied it internet access, for obvious reasons, the writing is on the wall.

The future belongs to Cyberdyne Systems and Skynet, I mean Linux Mint :)

I just now reinstalled Linux Mint 17.2, I like to test things and reinstalling is sometimes the end result. :lol:

I've given up on wine. I'll use Windows 10 when necessary.

My favourite programs:

Linux Mint
Linux Mint Forum (this place - learning center)

others in alphabetical order:

Audacity - audio editor
Cheese - webcam
Deluge - torrents
Easytag - tagging my original music
Filezilla - FTP web content
Firefox with FEBE
Geany text, HTML, CSS
Gparted - disk maintenance
GUFW - GUI for UFW firewall
K3B - burning disc media
Openshot - video editor
Pinta - graphics editor
Unetbootin - Linux Mint on a USB

There are no doubt others, but these I use mostly.

As a final comment for my one year anniversary, I want to say thanks to all for Linux Mint and to those who share their knowledge, thank you.

Linux Mint since 5 October 2014 :D
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Re: Minty Madness :)

Post by Crewp »

Happy Anniversary, and many more. :D
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