Thank you to those supporting others here!

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Re: Thank you to those supporting others here!

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This last week one of my wife's relatives came by with a laptop that had the Windows-8 "virus". :roll: :wink:

She complained about how slow and difficult to use it had become and wanted my help.

I had a choice:
1. Upgrade to the Win-10 "virus".
2. Install Mint.

Actually I could have reinstalled Win-8, but (IMHO) that wasn't a viable option.

I explained the pros and cons of each choice, offered her a chance to play with the "live" environment for both systems, and let her choose. She chose Mint.

In a sense I "cheated". Though you CAN make a Win-10 flash-drive install, it runs about as fast as molasses running uphill. In Siberia. In the dead of winter.

When I apologised for the poor performance of Mint's "live" environment running from flash, she shut me up and told me that her computer didn't work that well when it was new! If this is BAD performance, she can't wait for the REAL Mint install. . .

Delivered it last Sunday and she couldn't be happier if she was twins - and this is a 60 - 70 year old woman who didn't even know that Linux/Mint existed! (And is most definitely NOT tecno-savvy.)

Still happy. Computer runs like a Nitro-burning top-fuel dragster and she's wondering where Mint has been all her life.

Chalk another one up to all the efforts of the Mint team!
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Re: Thank you to those supporting others here!

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Thanks at Wharfrat and JoeFootball for helping me with my problems with too much disk space usage in the root partition. I'm a newbie with hardly any terminal skills and it's like leading a blind man through a maze. Thanks for you patience!

An old topic with answer from Sadhu helped with finally getting the desktop clock app to finally behave like I want: viewtopic.php?p=911554#p911554
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