Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

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Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by troyj »

Hi Everybody,

Was thinkin' maybe I should post some thoughts - not that they are deep thoughts or amything that will change the world lol :-)

InkKnife posted a similar topic (Thank You Apple! Or Why I love Mint even more.) Was not sure if I should add to their post or start my here goes.

I've been a Mac user for quite a few years myself. I've played around with Linux lots of times. Mandrake, Red Hat, Knoppix and Ubuntu. Even used Yellow Dog on some older PPC Apple hardware. I've even posted a few times here several years ago. I still regularly wear my Linux Mint golf shirt ( did a great job!)

I really don't care for the direction Apple seems to be going. Mavericks and then Yosemite - like many have stated here, it really is kind of a mess. One of my friends installed it on their MacPro and wow - really seemed to slow it down. It seems like Apple's ultimate goal is to combine OS X and iOS. Both user interfaces (OS X 10.10 and iOS 8) both seem...not sure what the word is. Cartoonish or childish as well as maybe being kind of "flat"?

Microsoft and Windows 8 - I don't really need to say much! lol
It sounds like they are going to do some more copying of Apple's OS X when Windows 10 is released.

That (in a round about way) brings me to my point. Is "now" the time of Linux on the Desktop (and laptop)?

I've been running Mint 17 since it was first released and now updated to 17.1 and all I can say is WOW! :-)

I don't see a reason to get a new Mac or get a Windows 8 or 10 machine. Linux Mint really is excellent!

I've had a few small issues (CD ripping seems to work better on a Mac, but I'm still learning) but overall, I don't wish to use either a Mac or Windows.
If I didn't have to use Windows at work, I'd be totally Linux on all computers.

What does everybody else think?

With Google creating Android (based on Linux?) will we see Android apps eventually come to the Linux Desktop?

Will we see Linux Mint running on tablet hardware?

Thanks for listening,

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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by Tar_Ni »

troyj wrote:Hi Everybody,Will we see Linux Mint running on tablet hardware?
Linux Mint is not designed for tablets. I don't know what are the plans but it seems that Mint's focus remains on the desktop. Contrary to Ubuntu, Mint does not have a UI meant for touchscreens. For that to happen, Cinammon would have to be completely redesigned, just look at Windows. Can you imagine Windows 7 on tablets? It just doesn't work well. You need big buttons or app tiles, not a traditional desktop.

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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by RacerBG »

Mint is a desktop distribution and that's why people like it. Android-x86 is the best example for a touch screen distro. :wink:
Proud of Linux Mint!

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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by InkKnife »

Welcome troyj!
Us OSX refugees are fairly rare around here but seems like the numbers are increasing. Personally I think the jump from OSX to Mint is less coming from OSX than it is for Windows users because both OSX and Mint (and other Linux) have their file systems arraigned in the classic Unix way instead of the weird way Windows is arraigned.
Some tips for you:
You can change where your window widgets are if you would like them where OSX has them or you can even do what I did which was to arrange my widgets like the classic MacOS.
You can quick view files in Mint by single clicking a file and hitting the space bar.
Take the time to explore the built in GUI tools.
Enjoy the world of customization available to you now. I know that being able to customize my desktop how I wanted too was a real joy after breaking out of the jail Apple puts you in with OSX's locked down UI.
Save money on hardware! You are no longer stuck with what Apple offers and Mint runs great on garage sale hardware. I am running fairly ancient hardware: A C2Quad@2.33 w/6GB of ram and a Radeon 6850 video card and Mint just sings.
Webupd8 is a great resource for trust worthy PPAs plus news about new Mint compatible software.
Have fun and if I can help just shoot me a question here or in a PM. I visit here frequently.
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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by dXTC »

InkKnife wrote: Save money on hardware! You are no longer stuck with what Apple offers and Mint runs great on garage sale hardware. I am running fairly ancient hardware: A C2Quad@2.33 w/6GB of ram and a Radeon 6850 video card and Mint just sings.
I second that statement; all my current Linux installations (see my signature) are on hand-me-down gear. My Dell XPS Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz with only 3GB RAM and a Radeon HD 2400 video card runs Mint Cinnamon 64-bit like a boss. The only time I notice any performance difference between it and my Core i3 iMac (that's newer by four years) is doing protein folding simulations for Folding@Home. Cinnamon also runs without issue on the Lenovo Intel Atom-based netbook. It took a decade-old Dell Dimension Pentium 4 with an integrated video chip to force me to use Mint Xfce, and that one still runs fine for LibreOffice and light web browsing.
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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by curtvaughan »

As per former Mac users who have migrated to Mint, I still have a nice fairly new iMac that I keep for use by my wife and when my grandkids visit - it is stable, fairly immune to viruses, etc., and is good hardware with a BSD base. Steve Jobs' passing sort of changed the direction of Apple in terms of supporting their pricey hardware. I have an old MacBook Pro, circa 2006, which Apple stopped supporting for software updates a few years ago. I paid $2000 for that machine, it still runs just fine (good hardware), and until Jobs died, Apple had the policy of continued software support for their machines. Anyway, I recently juryrigged an installation of Cinnamon 17.1 on my MBP. It works great. and has breathed new life into my old Apple laptop. Additionally, I have two PCs on which I run various versions of Mint and a vbox version of Debian and Ubuntu. It's fun to play with this stuff.
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Re: Linux Mint - 2015 year of Linux (finally) :-)

Post by jaypur »

Android is a great linux distro that works really well in mobile devices, don't think is really necessary to linux mint go into this, because it's way better to get a full dedication making a great desktop OS.

This year maybe is for Linux, but people will never understand this. Linux is a really powereful system that can supllies almost 100% user usual needs. For exemple, using it for schools, college, usual office works etc.

I just see someone using Apple or Windows if they are in need for some real specific task, besides that.

I think, imo, Linux just don't get too competitive with windows or apple, because it has just a few partnerships with computer manufactures, so you don't have a lot of laptops or pcs that comes with linux pre-installed and pre-configured, you are always gonna find windows on it...

If we had a great computer, in stores, linux based with all things configured in a right way, without the need of a usual user to search for a solution for a problem, and showing the benefits of using linux... Maybe we should increase the number of users.

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