How to get help here ...

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How to get help here ...

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1. Remain polite, no matter what the problem is. I personally tend to ignore rude people. And I define what I consider "rude" or not. :D C'est le ton qui fait la musique. And I am pretty sure that others here think the same.

2. Be precise. No BS such as "Linux don't work" ... such a message is not helpful at all and probably will be ignored.

3. Be specific. Tell us precisely what you did and in what order you did it so others may try to reproduce your steps.

4. Be patient. Nobody owes anything to anyone here. Most people here are volunteers. They are free to help you, but they are also just as free to ignore you especially if you get rude towards them.

5. Don't cross-post. I know it's tempting to post the same problem in multiple sub-forums ... but that's a mistake. People will tend to ignore such cross-posts and even if some people answer the posts it increases the stress for you, as now all of a sudden you will need to keep all the postings, suggestions and answers in sync. So best is: don't even bother about cross-posting! Besides: Admins don't like cross-posts anyway and are likely to delete or move such postings. :twisted:

6. Post in the right forum. It's simple as that.

7. Try to use a proper language. No swearing, no foul language and no abbreviations or slang words nobody else understands. I know: Not everyone is Shakespeare. Not everyone does speak English perfectly. But there are online translation tools. Try those. There are sub-forums in other languages: try those too. Ask a friend to help you. And try to keep your sentences short and simple: even if you don't speak perfect English -- chances are that it will be nontheless easy for others to understand you if you keep your sentences short and simple.

8. Google is your friend. Really! If Google can't find it then you probably are asking something really stupid (sorry to say so!) or you are doing something completely wrong and maybe should change your approach?

Also: We have a search function here (yes, really! It even works - :D )! Please make sure you use if before you post something or else I will be forced to lock or even delete your posting (otherwise the forum gets cluttered with the same posts about the same topic again and again ...) :wink:

The most important rule:

9. Don't get yourself stressed over all this. Be kind to yourself. Take a breath of fresh air. Take a walk. Call some old friends on the phone, go out have a beer with them ... or a good wine. Go and play with your kid and give all this computer stuff a break. This stuff won't run away. And it's definitely not the most important thing in the Universe and it shouldn't be the most imporant thing in your life. There are far more important things in life that really count: your husband / your wife, your kids, your parents, your friends, your health ...

Carpe diem! :D


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