Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

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Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by thobin » Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:05 pm

I have used 17.3 for some time now and I love it I no longer dual boot, now I use Mint exclusively, its a rare occasion I will log onto my winblows drive. I waited a few weeks to give 18 a whirl and I really like some of the new features. Log in is faster, better of control of practically everything. I though there was no way to improve on installation time but was I wrong! Took like 8 minuets, when it was finish I'm like ???? what? that was it? it was another 3 minutes of updates and video driver install, but holy cow!

However it sill has some small bugs and seems a bit temperamental, no matter what web browser I use, it frequently is a glitchy or laggy experience. Icons keep moving around (cant seem to work that out) and some times just disappearing, I have run into a few game install difficulties, and non native games that have worked great in 17.3 a few don’t work or are buggy in 18. It seems to hang in odd places and with no particular pattern, (Ctrl Alt Esc) doesn’t seem to work as well, and when a program would crash, a Ctrl Alt Backspace is the only option. With 17.3 on the rare occasion a program freezes its even more rare that Ctrl Alt Esc wont recover.

Still waiting for a better control of dual monitors, games still open randomly in monitors, in Mint 18 its even more sporadic, not that its just a Linux or Mint issue, as my understanding it does have to do with bad game programming too. Still no auto USB 3.0 support for the Gigabyte Mother board I use but that’s a Kernel issue not Mint issue. Its not a hard fix just a BIOS and grub tweak. I was just hoping that the new Kernel and Ubuntu 16.0 would have sorted that out.

Still a few to many small glitches for me to use as my main OS. 17.3 has been so rock solid its hard to use something that has a few bugs even as small as the are. I'm sure things will be worked out, it takes time to perfect an OS but for now I will stick with 17.3 as my main OS. I will still give 18 some work hopefully I can add to the bug reports, do my part.

I love MInt, never will I suffer the Winblows pain again, and I’m excited at the potential of 18. To the Linux mint team, thanks for making using a computer fun and easy again!


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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by sikejsudjek » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:01 pm

I think you might be a bit unlucky with your hardware. I've got 3 mint 18 systems running and haven't experienced any of those problems so far. I have a t410i Lenovo thinkpad, dell 490 workstation and a new skylake z170 system. All are running well on mint 18 cinnamon.

Only bugs so far are:
1) having to switch audio profiles on bluetooth headphones to get the audio to connect. An easy workaround but worked better on 17.3.
2) Google earth crashing at startup (but 17.3 did this as well) and this is more of a 'google can't be bothered to fix it' error than mint.
3) Samba being a PITA to get working with windows shares without passwords. Again a samba problem not mint.

The biggest surprise was the dell 490. It runs noticeably quicker on mint 18 than it did on 17.3, and much faster than windows 7.

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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by hashky » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:56 pm

I have been running Linux Mint for a couple of years, the latest being 17.3. It has been flawless. I did a clean install of 18 on 2 computers. It just so happens that they both have ASUS P7H55-M Pro motherboards.

On one it would boot every 2nd or 3rd time with a jittery, small, unreadable video. It was so bad that I had to reboot. It was a new computer to me so I thought there was something wrong with the computer. After a while, I installed 17.3 in place of the 18. 17.3 works as it should.

On the second computer, which had been running 17.3. I did a clean install of 18. It does not automatically sleep. It stays running forever without the screen blanking. It is still running 18, but it doesn't seem to be as stable as 17.3. I may go back if future updates don't solve some of the problems.

My 3rd computer (my main computer), I run Windows 7. It has an Intel motherboard DP55WB. I use VirtualBox to run Linux Mint 17.3 with Windows 7 as the host. I wanted to reverse that and run Windows 7 in VirtualBox with Linux Mint 18 as the host. That is on hold. I think that Linux Mint 18 is too unstable at this point in time.

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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by KBD47 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:19 pm

I agree with sikejsudjek. Your hardware just doesn't like the newer version of Mint. I finally upgraded my 3 older machines to Ubuntu/Mint 16.04/18 and two of the machines run great, but my netbook absolutely hated the 4.4 kernel and even though live cd/usb looked great, after the install it kept shutting down on boot. I had to go back to the previous 14.04 version. Might try to upgrade again in two years when the next LTS comes out but for now it has several years support. Nothing wrong with sticking to a version that works :)

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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by Pjotr » Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:56 pm

KBD47 wrote:Nothing wrong with sticking to a supported version that works :)
Well put. :)
Tip: 10 things to do after installing Linux Mint 19.2 Tina
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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by The Old Timer » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:43 am

I've got some 10 year old computers that LM 18 and Ubuntu 16.04 runs well on.
I've found some of them that LM 18 and Ubuntu 16.04 just wouldn't run on.

From what I've read the new kernel doesn't work with some older hardware.
That's cool because good old LM 17.1 runs great on them. :D

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Re: Mint 18 vs Mint 17.3 for now

Post by BG405 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:00 pm

I've decided to test different kernels due to 3.19.0-32 end-of-support and to see if there was an improvement in display management.

Although testing is a bit slow due to this machine's usual uptime, I'll list the results so far:
  • 3.13.0-93 - installed, untested
  • 3.19.0-32 - current
  • 4.4.0-31 - uninstalled, video playback issue
  • 4.4.0-34 - installed, untested
  • 4.4.0-36 - installed, untested
Testing the 4.4.0-31 immediately revealed an issue .. when dragging the video player across to the TV the player would stop working the instant its edge overlapped the TV screen. Same if I switched it to the TV using the panel. That's where I want to play my videos so tried updating and rebooting; same result, so without any further testing reverted to the 3.19 kernel as I was demonstrating the machine.

As the Mint 18 distros use the 4.4 series of kernels I wonder if there is a difference in those offered for Mint 17.*? The 14.04 reference in the description in Synaptic suggests so. Therefore setting up dual-boot and some testing will be needed in my case to find out if the problem still exists. I also wonder if an older kernel would work in Mint 18?
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