My Experience Upgrading Linux Mint 17.3 to 18

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My Experience Upgrading Linux Mint 17.3 to 18

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I set aside about four hours last night to install Linux Mint 18 XFCE over 17.3 XFCE on my HTPC, but then a little light bulb lit up... :idea: I remembered that Clem had promised an upgrade path for Sarah, so I decided, why not try it?

The instructions -- easy and VERY cautious and methodical. Good.
The experience - smooth and problem-free. The only little niggle was, the welcome screen turned back on by itself, and I had to deactivate some things I never use like Bluetooth, CUPS and so on. I ran BUM (Boot Up Manager) to take care of that.

I think the second-best thing about release 18 is definitely the new upgrade capability. That saved a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent reconfiguring stuff.

I'm in the process of upgrading another 17.3 box now. If Ubuntu does not have the upgrade capability, then this is a huge advantage LM has over Ubuntu. I seem to remember that my Xubuntu rig was able to upgrade to the next release, though. Anyway, nice to see this timesaver.

Two best things about 18, in order of magnitude:
1. Mint-Y-Dark :D - I love the darkness
2. apt install mintupgrade :D
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