My Mint Mate desktop...sweet

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My Mint Mate desktop...sweet

Post by rickNS »

My thoughts on mint 18 are it is AWESOME.
I just love this edition, I wasn't able to get compiz to work in 17.1 which was a tad disappointing since it worked well on mint 9.
I like the dark y themes only rarely is text hard to read because of it.
Always wanted to give virtual box a try, now I have.
anyway a 1 minute video is worth about ten thousand words.
Take a look see what you think, I know I'm pretty happy with it.
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Re: My Mint Mate desktop...sweet

Post by theStreak »

That looks nice Rick! It's very similar to my own set up except I'm still running 17.2. I'm also running XP in a virtual box (just for a single application that I wrote years ago). As for Compiz just being eye-candy, not only does it give you more ways of locating applications and workspaces, it also provides some functional improvements to the desktop. For example, if you enable the "scale" add-on and configure it so that it's triggered by moving your mouse to a "hot corner", you can then use it to drag-drop icons or text on running apps on other workspaces. Simply drag the object to the screen corner and then proceed to drag it onto the target application... Of course, you can also configure Compiz to allow drag/dropping across workspace edges too (which includes dragging of windows). That Micrografx Draw sounds very similar to Inkscape (which I highly recommend BTW). Cheers!
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