Cinnamon Crashes Since Upgrade to 18.2

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Re: Cinnamon Crashes Since Upgrade to 18.2

Postby Penn » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:53 pm

I experienced a few other issues right after my last post so I wiped the partition and did a clean install. Apparently my issue is different that most other's because the crashes kept happening.

Tried removing desklets and tested each applet, including default, multiple themes and undoing all settings I change from default. Still crashing. I wouldn't mind suggestions where to go from here but my current plan is just remove panels and use Cairo-Dock. I don't use that machine much but instead of just going back to 18.1 I might give Debian Stretch another try. The only truly Mint thing I can think of that I really like to a point of not wanting to give up is the Update Manager. I'll see if Stretch has something that will work with Cinnamon 3.2, even if it doesn't have full functionality of mintupdate.

Any suggestions before I go back to distro hopping? Of course, my primary distro will remain LMDE 2 for now but if I get stretch going to my liking I might not wait until next year for 3.

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Re: Cinnamon Crashes Since Upgrade to 18.2

Postby sf2k » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:36 pm

I'm getting cinnamon crashes two to five times a day now. I had never had any problem with this before nor ever experienced anything like this with years of Linux Mint use. 18.2 from day one has not been fun.

Is there a way to keep it in fallback mode so I can just use that? Any recommended window manager replacements? Seems to be a lot of tweaks but no definitive solution. :'( I just want a stable window manager.

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Re: Cinnamon Crashes Since Upgrade to 18.2

Postby drummer315 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:07 pm

Well this is several months later (November 2017) and I am experiencing these same crashes with 18.2.

I did a fresh install from a new flash drive.

This is my office/work desktop. so I am not excited about being involved in LT troubleshooting.

I just need my system to work - consistently.

Currently - that is NOT what is happening and I am not a happy camper.
It has crashed 5 times in 3 days including twice while I was working in a VM running Win 10.
There is not an easily discernible pattern, but I do need a solution ASAP.

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Re: Cinnamon Crashes Since Upgrade to 18.2

Postby Citizen229 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:28 am

I had Cin crashing in 17.3. Installed XFCE and never looked back.
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