A little Good News about Mint 18+

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A little Good News about Mint 18+

Post by tovian » Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:37 pm

This thread is about what I think is very good news related to Mint v18+
It's OK with me if mods want to move this to another forum - or delete it altogether.

When Mint 18 was first released I downloaded it and tried it out. I hated it. Fairly quickly I re-installed 17.3 on top of it. However, I occasionally booted a live session from a flash-drive. I also tried 18.1 and 18.2 - and I disliked them as much as the original 18.

Then I got to thinking (I'd be a lot better off if I could do that up front). What I really didn't like was the "look and feel". Maybe that was KDE instead of Mint-18 (?) The more I thought about it the more logical that seemed. So, I started looking at various settings for the desktop. What I found is something (a theme?) called BREEZE - and it turns out to be the default. Now, some people might like BREEZE, but I hate it. It's waaaaay too much like Windows-10 which I also dislike. Well, the bottom line is that I changed all the settings I could find to basically eliminate BREEZE and use the OXYGEN theme, and now I'm very happy. I am running Mint-18.2 / KDE Plasma 5 / 64 bit - WITHOUT BREEZE - and all the bad taste is gone. 8)
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