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Network and Processes

Post by lisabonne citadel » Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:49 pm

some cool terminal commands to check your network connectivity and active handle processes.
in Linux Mint already brings top command installed

utility to show active processes with refresh update

not installed but yet useless
sudo iftop -t > log.txt
utility to show all servers connected to your network in Real Time

best of this utility is:
you can create log file to record all internet session and with that;
- identifying what it looks suspecious :)) - you can search what it is and what location it where
after that, you can block in /etc/hosts , editing and adding the entry just like: http://www.something or idem
and save it
quit session or better reboot the system.

record all the network output everytime you start using, and save the file with the day.

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