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Re: Boring Mint??

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deanr72 wrote:
Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:12 am
I just recently had to install windows 7 on a PC. The most ridiculous thing about the whole experience was having to download all the drivers on Mint and transfer them across to the windows OS via pendrive. It was also the same with an installation of 8.1.

What kind of system is created whereby you need to connect to the Internet to install drivers in order to connect to Internet?

Surely this is a prime example of user-unfriendliness and the need to be relatively tech savvy. And this is Windows 7 - still the most commonly used OS in the world!
Most windows installations I have done have gone fine, yes, there are driver issues, but Winders out of the box will get you basic drivers. At least from XP onwards. I find windows painful in the seemingly endless series of reboots, and slow updates.
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