Will Linux Mint eventually support Arm?

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Re: Will Linux Mint eventually support Arm?

Post by Reddwarf »

I would like to see a Linux Mint for ARM and I think it would perform just well. In the meantime, I'm running Armbian (Ubuntu fork) on China made TV-boxes with S905 arm processor and the performance is as good as my Acer aspire laptop :)

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Re: Will Linux Mint eventually support Arm?

Post by Portreve »

Vis a vis Linux Mint and the server environment...

I would prefer to use Debian as a server OS because of its reputation for being extremely stable. I've used it on two different servers, the second of which replaced the first of which because I wanted and had free access to better hardware, and the second of which quit because the hardware itself eventually died several years later.
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Re: Will Linux Mint eventually support Arm?

Post by RemonK »

I would also like to see a mint version for the ARM! Last week i found one of my old 'mediaboxes' back, laying around under a pile of dust.
Changed the oil and filters and got it up running again! :mrgreen:
It's a TronSmart CX919 with 1.6 quad core based on a rk3188 rockchip, mali gpu i think, wifi, 2gb ram, 8gb storage, 2x 2.0 usb. Had bought a maching Tronsmart 3 ports usb hub with one ethernet port (a whooping 10/100mb!! :lol: )with it, that never really worked well with android.. and because there was never really a good rom for it (at that time, only that crappy Finless rom) and crashed too often. So it ended pretty quickly in the 'it was nice for that price, but too good to be true' box of aliexpress gadgets..

At the moment i have Ubuntu 12.04 and Unity running on it and i'm really surprised how well it runs with all the heavy graphic smuk!! This was an img for a Neo7 box that i have burned on a 32gb sdcard, but runs pretty well on the cx919 also! Also the usb hub with ethernet runs out of the box! Boot time is absurd short!! In a blink of an eye at login! But i really dislike Unity!! Not my cup of tea, would rather see mate or xfce on it. I'm abusing it for a week now and runs pretty stable 24/7. Only once it shut down because of overheating. When i was tailing all the logs, installing another desktop and had set all the cpu's (forced) at full speed with a script.. and i totally forgot that it has no cooling what so ever! :mrgreen:
With LXDE and openbox it felt like a brand new computer! Could not believe it :shock: But the problem is the mali display driver.. i seems to only like Unity with compiz bits and parts, because all other desktop combi's it has the same problem. When you move a window it erases itself! When i switch fort and back from workspace the windows are back again. So i guess something to do with refreshing but i can't seem to fix it?! So stuck at unity atm..
As i'm typing, i'm upgrading to Ubuntu 14.?? (against advice from the naggy popup to better not do it, but i like a gamble.. )

It's a fun project, but i'm now seriously thinking of replacing my old Zyxl NAS with this little piece of hardware! Old mobo out and It fits easy in the NAS housing, has way better cooling with a fan, maybe a little cool sink on it. Then maybe the software for my security cams on it, ftp server that runs atm on my own pc (because that old nas ftp sucks) and better cloud software...
But i have to get it 100% running first, without unity and with a working display driver.. i also downloaded a picuntu img, but that one is just the kernel i believe and i have too little experience with linux to build a complete img around it. :roll: (just 12 months since i left m$)

But ehh yeah, what i wanted to say is that i really would like a mint version for the ARM! :mrgreen:
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