The pros of XFCE DE?

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Re: The pros of XFCE DE?

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I have ample amount of ram, 12 gig to be exact so speed is a given. Having said that my Mint 18.3 XFCE desktop is very responsive and working on it is a breeze. My only gripe is unlike Mint Cinnamon i cant download themes or add items to the toolbar just by right clicking on it. For example i like the force quit button on the panel when using Cinnamon where as with XFCE i have to fiddle around with nautilus actions. Another plus with Cinnamon for me personally is that i feel it handles themes much better than XFCE. Lastly the menu on XFCE is resizable which is good. The cinnamon one can be overwhelmingly big depending on the monitor resolution of the computer you install it on. I used to love stark menu but of late it has been super buggy.

Re: The pros of XFCE DE?

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I like Xfce the best. I find Xfce to be the closest to the Windows 7 G.U.I. which was my favourite U.I. The added benefit is the Whisker menu which no D.E. environment can beat it's configurability and easy of use. Only the whisker menu you can resize which no other D.E. can do that. I hate when you can't resize an application menu. Xfce it's fast. Highly configurable which only KDE can beat it's configurability. I also love that I can roll up windows. The only downside of Xfce is there is no G.U.I. way which is the easy way to have separate event sounds and boot up and shutdown sounds. I know the MX Linux developers figured out how to have a G.U.I. for at least the start-up and shutdown sounds which I wish stock Xfce would come with it at the bare minimum. It should come with an easy way to configure all events sounds like Windows 7 and none of that command line nonsense.
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