New Laptop running Mint.

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Re: New Laptop running Mint.

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With newer PC, I usually flash the PC using the bios update utility and USB flash drive. Also found this tutorial on line for HP laptop bios flash ... sing_Linux

Anyway, this is how I flash my HP. All bios are different and some may require more than firmware .bin file on the USB drive.
1. Boot into bios setup and find firmware name and revision or run

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$ sudo lshw
look in firmware section to find your firmware.
2. Check in your bios setup and see if it have a section for updating bios. Mine have a section called Update System Bios, yours might be part of System Diagnostic. If your bios does not have build in flash utility these instructions will not work.
3. If you bios have the capability to update bios, download the appropriate firmware package for the laptop from Confirm that is the correct bios, bad flash could brick your PC.
4. Get a USB flash drive and format as FAT32, create directory Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New on formatted flash drive.
5. Extract firmware package, find and copy only the bios firmware file (.bin) into Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New on formatted flash drive.
6. Shut down laptop. Install flash drive in laptop. Plug laptop into power adapter, reboot laptop and enter bios setup.
7. Navigate to and enter bios update section, an follow screen instructions to flash bios. Give the utility plenty of time and there may be several reboots until the process is done. If flash utility ask for missing files, note file names, find files in extracted firmware and add files to formatted flash drive.
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Re: New Laptop running Mint.

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MurphCID wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 1:27 pm
Now I just wonder how it will run Civilization V?
Civ 5 = Best Game Ever :D Best time hog as well!
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