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Post by NewtSoup »

First I installed ubuntu 16.04 and I was happy.

Then came 18.04 and it broke everything.

I installed Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and I was happy again because everything worked. My happiness was short through as I caught the dreaded "out of focus desktop" that made games crash, a lot.

I installed XFCE alongside Cinnamon and I was happy again, but not completely because it didn't integrate well in a system that came with Cinnamon and had many niggles.

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and I thought I was going to be happy but Canonical have succeeded in making everything harder to use and less intuitive and if your "ubuntu one" account plays up for some reason ( like mine did ) you're locked out of their entire support network and net-admin is glacial in it's ability to help users.

I installed Linux Mint XFCE - Getting Wine to work was a bit of a pain - Getting faudio to install was problematic but once in Wine Staging installed beautifully. Had a brief Battle with but again once vulkan drivers and vulkan mesa i386 were installed it was all good.

Now I am happy. XFCE looks much better and feels smoother on an install that was configured properly for it. Wine works, Steam works, Proton works, I have a familiar menu system that's intuitive. I have a system that is lightweight, pretty and functional.

But most of all the thing that pleases me most is the Mint Community. You are all so much more helpful than on other distros. Thank you Mint Developers, Mint Admins and Mint Users. I'm here to stay and feeling in Mint Condition.
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Re: Mint XFCE

Post by secureIT »

Hi NewtSoup,

First: Thank you for your kind words to Linux Mint and our forum

Everyone uses the desktop, which he prefers for personal reasons.

I am as you very satisfied with Xfce.
It has more potential than some people think.
Look at my posts, and you'll see what I mean.

I came to Xfce a long time ago because back then my desktop was too weak for Cinnamon.

Times have changed and most of my hardware is now the best on the market.

Nevertheless, I stayed with the Xfce desktop.

Simple - yet highly configurable.

Have fun with your Xfce.

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Re: Mint XFCE

Post by Tomgin5 »

Since I switched to LM a couple of years ago from Windex, It has been a world above Windex. Nearly all of my CAD work and 100% of my documentation has been switched to LM Based software. I use and own over a dozen netbooks and laptops running both 64 and 32 bit OS. The smallest are single core atoms (32 and 64 bit). The smallest only have oddball 7.6 gb ssd (non sata) that run over $60 for a 64 gb drive.

On these I use Puppy Linux with a 32 GB Partitioned flash (USB) drive. The single core 32 bit atoms are limited to 2 gb RAM and those with at least 16 gb SSD, I install XFCE 32.

The 64 bit single core atoms I use XFCE as they work respectably with their max of 2 GB and 64-250GB SSD. Larger laptops with at least a dual core processor I load up with Cinnamon 64. These are Dells, Toshiba, Asus, HP, Fujitsu, and Apple MacBook pro's.

The only issues for installs I have had with those have been the Apples. These aI needed to do the initial boot and install with the HDD/SSD in a generic Toshiba and registering it as an Apple with the model#. I then moved the drive to the MacBook and downloaded the updates, drivers, and kernel updates. I gave these away because of the missing backspace key on the Apple keyboard.

I have gotten rid of Windex on my desktops also of several brands including iMac's.

The Imac users think their's are great after configuring the cinnamon to look like Apple. They are contented being able to use the LM with their "Apple" machines.
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