Timeshift and Flatpaks: more trouble than they're worth?

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Re: Timeshift and Flatpaks: more trouble than they're worth?

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Portreve wrote:
Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:12 am
There's honestly only three things I would change about Timeshift, if I could.

1. When setting up a backup (whether initially or subsequent to having set up a backup) there should be a blurb (which I would be happy to write the text for, fwiw) stating one needs to attach a secondary storage device as the target for doing system and/or user data backups.

2. Timeshift should never allow the user to use the system drive as the backup drive.
I take the diametrically opposite view in that I actively want Timeshift on the same drive as the OS. Not in root of course, but in home where I have plenty of space. That way I can leave it to work its magic without any intervention or conscious effort from me.
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