What are your 'must have applications/software'?

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Lady Fitzgerald »

erginemr wrote:
Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:12 am
Welcome to the forum!

Since everyone has different needs and tastes, and since there are a gazillion apps in repos, it is very hard to pinpoint a concise list.

Nonetheless, there is a good site that fits the bill, by categorically listing and reviewing trendy Linux desktop apps. I'd suggest you to take a look at their Top X lists in a variety of categories:

The list spans 17 pages, so quite a read, but it is worth.
Thanks for the link to that list!

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by antikythera »

Google Chrome
HP Toolbox (hplipgui)
Synaptic Package Manager

That's pretty much my day to day usage of Linux. I use KDEConnect but could live without it. It is essentially me being too lazy to get off my backside and walk a couple of metres to check the phone or send an SMS.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Portreve »

Gimp, Scribus, Inkscape, EasyTag, Sound Converter, a s***ton of fonts, and probably a few other things I'm not thinking of atm...
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Hoser Rob »

SMPlayer, Cherrytree, Audacious, Leafpad, Chrome, Vivaldi, I'm forgetting some but those I always put on a new intall.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by exploder »

LibreOffice, K3B, Clementine, KTorrent, VLC, Firefox, Gimp and ClamTk.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by blackcarajillo »

Telegram, vim, youtube-dl, mpv, newsbeuter and a lot of other stuff I just cannot remember. :)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by SteveR »

An absolute must, personal accounting software, such as KMyMoney or GnuCash.

Additionally: LibreOffice, MariaDB, Firefox, and Google. Plus other utilities from the Mint repositories on an as needed basis.

MariaDB, also implies the need for Apache2, PHP, and PhpMyAdmin
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by smurphos »

Not much for me - in addition to what's preinstalled on Mint

SpaceFM - I don't use it as a standalone file manager but I integrate it's search into Nemo
Google Play Music Desktop
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by senjoz »

First after installation of Linux Mint I go through recommendations from Pjotr, https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com. I apply meny of those recommendations. Then I install: GParted, Htop, Tlp, Powertop, Powerstat, MidnightCommander, DoubleCommander, Dconf-editor, Nvme-cli, Smartmontools, Build-essential, Checkinstall, Back in Time, NoScript for Firefox and uBlock Origin for Firefox. That are my must have applications. I avoid installing other software as much as possible. Some candidates, depending on what the computer will be used for, are: Gimp, EtherApe, OpenVas and Lazarus.

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Vladimir00 »

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by miscbyproduct »

Thank you for grouping them. Helps a lot towards giving some idea what each of them are.

erginemr wrote:
Fri Jun 12, 2020 4:09 pm
Well, here is my list of apps:
  • Accessories: catfish (file search tool), clamtk (antivirus), gnome-weather & gnome-contacts (self explanatory), gedit (in lieu of the default text editor, as I've had problems with xed in some text files), vim-gtk3 (gvim, gui for vim advanced text editor), gnome-characters (a tool to use smileys in text), brasero (cd/dvd burner, for those having dvd-rw drive)
  • Education: gcompris (educational software for kids), klavaro (10-fingers typing tutor)
  • Games: gnome-games (games package including aisleroot, chess, mines, nibbles, sudoku, et al.), pysolfc (solitaire type card & mahjong games), lutris (gaming platform to install free linux games), steam (for commercial games), gnubg (backgammon for those interested)
  • Graphics: GIMP (advanced photo editor, photoshop alternative), darktable (develop raw photos, lightroom alternative), mcomix (view comic books in cbr/cbz), blender (3d model and animation designer), inkscape (vector graphics designer)
  • Internet: google chrome (in lieu of firefox, supports my chromecast device and webapps / pwa's), evolution (mail application, in lieu of thunderbird, better integrated to the desktop), qbittorrent (in lieu of transmission, personal preference), youtube-dlg (youtube downloader), epiphany-browser (aka gnome-web, default gnome web browser, supports pwa's), liferea / feedreader (rss news feed reader), putty (ssh frontend to connect to remote servers)
  • Office: foliate (sleek epub reader), evince (in lieu of the default xreader, faster on heavy PDF's), scribus (magazine editor, similar to ms publisher), goldendict / gnome-dictionary (dictionary app), marktext (markdown editor), cherrytree (note-taking tool, similar to onenote)
  • Programming: bluefish (html editor), geany (general code editor / ide, similar to sublimetext), ghex (hex editor), gitg (to view & handle local git repos), glade (gtk+ designer for python), idle3 (python3 gui & ide), sqlite browser (to handle sqlite databases), wxformbuilder (wxpython designer), emacs (advanced text editor and ide platform)
  • Sound & Video: audacity (multitrack audio editor), cpod / gnome-podcasts (podcast app), vokoscreen-ng (screencast recorder), avidemux / handbrake (fast video converter), pitivi / shotcut (multitrack video editor), vlc (audio-video player), soundconverter (for audio conversion), gaupol (video subtitle editor), gnome-radio / radiotray (online radio player), lmms (advanced daw - sound editor), cheese (web-cam monitor)
  • Administration: grub-customizer (to adjust grub boot items & screen resolution), appimage-launcher (to manage appimage files), bleachbit (file cleaner), wine / proton (emulator to run windows apps)
  • Terminal: build-essential (dev tools for c & c++, needed to build apps from source), mc (midnight commander, two panel file manager), mpg321 (console mp3 player), htop (console system monitor), hwinfo (console hardware diag tool), alien (to convert rpm packages to deb format), firejail (sandboxing tool for other apps)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by lewtwo »

I am still running 19.X on my desktop but I have Oracle VirtualBox to run test systems. I run several installs for each version of Linux Mint Mate that I use and make notes so the next time I have a straightforward and consistent procedure to build a 'base' OS image to my liking. So from those notes for "Linux Mint 20 Ulyana MATE 1.24.0" here are my ''Must Have":

1) Disk partitioning:
A second disk drive (or at least a seperate partition) should be set up for timeshift data
Install "gparted" because "gnome-disks" can not create a partition table
sudo apt-get install gparted
3) Install Samba (Windows File Sharing):
sudo apt-get install samba
connect to smb://XXXX/public/software

4) Install Google Chrome:
cd ~/Downloads
wget https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/goog ... _amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
# will not show up in menu until after reboot

5) other Linux Utilities:
sudo apt-get update
# in case something goes wrong you may need these
sudo apt-get install "util-linux" traceroute partclone testdisk diskscan
# usefull additions
sudo apt-get install pinta keepass2 vlc fsarchiver
Other notes:
fsarchive is BY FAR the most reliable backup and can be run on a LIVE system or Live CD or Live USB
timeshift is the most convenient backup
rsync is more complex but can be extremely efficient
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by rickNS »

blackcarajillo wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:49 pm
Telegram, vim, youtube-dl, mpv, newsbeuter and a lot of other stuff I just cannot remember. :)
Here's a handy bit of code to list your manually installed packages;

Code: Select all

comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)
here's mine with some removed;
glabels (does a lot more than labels, is quite easy to use graphics package)
google-earth-ver- (newest versions don't work on my hardware)
higan (ninetendo emulator)
kazam (simple screen recorder)
ksnip (excellent screenshot tool)
mame (arcade emulator)
meld (visually compare directories, or complete file systems)
multisystem (create multiboot USBs)
openshot (video editor)
quicksynergy (share mouse, and keyboard between two or more computers)
screenfetch (just cool)
systemback (backup/snapshot tool, and create custom live ISOs)
vokoscreen (another screen capture tool, can also capture webcam at same time)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by bob466 »

Mine are...

Asunder CD Ripper
Make MKV
Sound Converter

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