What are your 'must have applications/software'?

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by JoeFootball »

davidP7 wrote: ... I've installed Anacona, VS Code, Atom, and Sublime on my box software.
Not to dissuade you from these "heavyweight" selections, but I've been a fan of Geany for years.

Perhaps you have more demanding requirements, but this IDE does everything I need, and it's far more lightweight than most others. Passing it along for your consideration. :)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by AZgl1500 »

Must have:

Redshift comes before this list, for me, I can't do w/o it. Cataract lenses make my eyes light sensitive.

1. Firefox, everything else is 2nd. I go straight to Sync and log it in, and then I leave it alone.
It will load in all of my Extensions, set up my New Tab page, downloads all of my Bookmarks.

2. VirtualBox


4. AngryIPscanner

5. Aptik

6. BackInTime

7. GnuCash

8. Gparted

9. Printers

10. MakeUSB

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by hydrurga »

Purely to give the OP more food for thought: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=321800
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by JTemple »

I have only one! A good and simple print lay-out app! I am still printing from Windows on my Epson for loss of Photoprint. I thought I was home free when in 19.3 I had Photoprint and it was SIMPLY Perfect! I moved up to a clean install of LM20 and bang it was gone. I went back to 19.3 but Photoprint was gone from there too. So I went forward again to 20. A good print lay-out app is an essential item for my business. All my other graphics type needs a satisfied by things like Gimp instead of Photoshop. (A slight learning curve there) When I can replicate all the needs of my business, my best PC will be turned over to LM also. I loath MS / Windows and their bully bloats and rammed down your throat updates that are least of all about security! Sadly, I can not find a Linux equivalent but I keep searching. I really need to learn to code my own needs but that would, no doubt, take me another life time. (Did I mention I'm old!)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by TheOmniad »

In no order:

GNU Screen
Unix cli utilities (grep, groff etc.) + Man/Info pages
Cool Retro Term
Simple Screen Recorder
Gtranscribe (it sucks but it's the only workable transcription program I could find for Linux)
Apt (!)
Midnight Commander/Ranger (depending on the job)

... of course, there is no software for Linux ;)
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by mpv »

lynx, qtrans, qdvdauthor, ffdiaporama
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Portreve »

ColtonCameron wrote:
Fri Jun 12, 2020 7:12 am
What are your 'must have applications/software'?
Microsoft Edge for Linux.
Your humble Portreve.


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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Mick-Cork »

This feels a bit like a 'pass the time' type of thread, but hey what's wrong with that :)

I quite enjoy digital photography so I have:
- Rapid Photo Downloader
- Darktable
- Hugin
- Gimp
- Portrait Pro (used sparingly)
- Virtualbox with W10 for some windows specific Canon photography apps

I also do a bit of web development, and for that:
- Geany
- Netbeans
- Filezilla

- Default to Firefox
- Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome and Chromium sitting as alternatives (Oh, and Edge installed out of curiosity!)

Music and Video
- Rhythmbox, Audacious, Audacity, Celluloid, Kdenlive

- Thunderbird

- LibreOffice

Occasionally also use qBittorrent.

I'll admit I have over time installed a shed load of other stuff, sitting there waiting for a day when I have nothing else to do!

Another App that I haven't seen mentioned is Zim Desktop Wiki.
I've started using this to keep a record of changes I make to the system, a list of useful Terminal commands, tips about photography, and anything else that I think is useful to keep a note of. It's easy to use, easy to find stuff, and keeps everything under one umbrella.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Drugwash »

Nobody mentioned WPS office suite here so here I am. I had the default Libre Office choke on some PPS presentations so had to search for alternatives and found WPS. A chinese thing, not perfect, but at least it did its job.
Like others I can also mention Pale Moon for my main browser (with a nice assortment of old-style add-ons), Evolution (strictly for checking Spam every now and then), GPartEd, Grub customizer, SMPlayer (with mpv as default engine), qBittorrent (alpha branch), Oracle's VirtualBox, KolourPaint (for pixel work as close as possible to MS Paint), MediaInfo, Handbrake, MKVtools but most of all Wine - because there are Windows applications I've used for many years that simply have no match on Linux, at least in my opinion.
And let's list them: Total Commander, FastStone ImageViewer, POP Peeper, 7-zip, Metapad, Notepad2, Subtitle Workshop 2.51.
Then there are my own creations, scripts written in AutoHotkey and compiled as executables, which I can't live without.
So that's it.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by mpv »

lynx qtrans qdvdauthor ffdiaporama
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Mik3e »

Quod Libet is the only 'must have' because there is no adequate substitute. Second tier is GNUCash. Moving from apps to utilities there's Conky and YAD. Anything else I can find alternatives or do without.

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by MrEen »

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by Termy »

I must have i3-wm, Vim, Redshift, and Git. As long as I have those, I've got something with which to work! 8)

Depends on the setup though, thinking about it, because my Linux Mint virtual machine is just Cinnamon, not i3-wm, so I guess I could do without that. I know that I absolutely cannot live with editing in anything other than Vim, though; I will go completely nuts otherwise.
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