What are your 'must have applications/software'?

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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by AndyMH »

50. Kcolorchooser, Gpick - Color picker
gcolor, latest is gcolor3 (it's a flatpak), but you can still install gcolor2 from bionic with a smaller footprint, but you've already pulled in most the libraries needed for any KDE app with your other choices.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by davezilla »

For me, the first two apps I installed were Visual Studio Code and Eclipse. Both for software development in JavaScript/Java.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

Post by RickyRaccoon »

Well since GIMP isn't included any more, right?... first thing I do is install GIMP. I probably don't often do anything with it I can't do with what's already installed, but I'm used to opening GIMP.

Audacity is a must-have.

Brasero. I don't think Brasero is a default program, is it? I seem to recall having to add it. I have better luck burning ISO DVDs with Brasero- my ancient Acer utterly refuses to boot from a USB flash drive (despite having USB HDD/FDD boot options in the BIOS), so if I want to play with a distro on it (I mess around with my Acer a lot), or reinstall Mint, I have to burn the ISO to a DVD.

I like Google Earth, so that gets installed without second thought.

Also Poor Man's Radio Player. I was playing around with an antiX install, and discovered it in there as part of the default packages. So now I've added it to my Mint installs. Some of the links are dead, but I listen to Rewound Radio on it a lot, also it has all the Soma FM stations in it and I'm pretty fond of a couple of those channels. Quick and easy.
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Re: What are your 'must have applications/software'?

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