Re GPL-- sometimes taken to a "bridge too far"--

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Re GPL-- sometimes taken to a "bridge too far"--

Postby ElZorro » Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:13 am

trying Bea and even better than Barbara!
KDE is easily installed, but needs kdmrc edited as root to correct shutdown settings after the kdm option in kubuntu-desktop.
Edgy forgets the monitor shutdown settings after reboot also.
Same in Kubuntu edgy proper.

Courage, and please continue this distro, as no doubt the GPL Zealots will persist in their flaming ways and try to scare you off.
Hopefully the ATI/ Nvidia Linux card drivers will be available to download if they scare you off these too.
Stallman meant well, to be sure, and after all mentioned "free as in beer" which is not entirely free but needs a good shout now and again amongst friends.

Beware a Rant--

"They again try to possess ad infinitum, all their selfish geekish stuff, and no doubt in the same breath of self righteousness, surrepticiously, sight unseen installing all the free programs such as flash and codecs anyway!
They are selfish; for follow their prescription and Linux will forever ony account for about 3 to 4 percent of desktops, and the Beast of Redmond will continue to divide and rule.
Why should Open Source be deluded that it can re-invent every wheel out there?"

My Shout will be coming
El Zorro 8)

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