Pleasant Surprise !

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Pleasant Surprise !

Post by richyrich »

Okay, had a test machine :
  • ASUS P5KPL-AM SE (Intel chipset, Intel HDA sound, Intel graphics - disabled)
    Pentium dual core E5200, 4 Gb ram.
    Sata Seagate HD, Sata LG dvd burner.
    Nvidia Quadro 3400 pci-x graphics card.
Decided to try Mint 8 kde 64 bit (always stuck with 32 before) . . everything working fantastic !

Sold the machine, so I replaced the hard drive with a new one. . . done ! No more kde64 ! :(

Just set up a new machine today :
  • ASUS P5N-MX (Nvidia chipset, Nvidia sound, Nvidia onboard graphics - being used)
    Pentium single core 650, 2 Gb ram.
    Sata Seagate HD (same one from above), Sata LG dvd burner.
Booted to the BIOS, checked the fan control, checked the temps, set my graphics to use 256 mb, reboot, went to look for my Mint disks . . .
Came back to an actual Mint login prompt . . can't be . . log in, Mint detects ALL of my new hardware, asks if I want to permanently delete the old hardware from the system, no reboot, no re-install of graphics drivers, . . no re-install period ! :D

Just smilin', sittin' in front of my kde . . . :mrgreen:
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Re: Pleasant Surprise !

Post by bobcollard »

UNBELIEVABLE! Only you could be so lucky. :lol:
Robert Collard, Springfield, IL
Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop, Intel Duo T3400 CPUs @2.16 Ghz. 4GB RAM
Linux Mint Debian Edition, Xfce 4.6.2 Desktop, 2.6.37-0.dmz.6-liquorix-amd64
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Re: Pleasant Surprise !

Post by Lumenary »


Alright, now you're gonna make me scavenge parts to build a couple test machines just so I can try that myself...


Best Regards,

US-OH-Newton Falls
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