Great Linux Mint from Winbloze 2000 Migration

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Great Linux Mint from Winbloze 2000 Migration

Postby galactus » Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:50 pm

I just wanted to post a quick message here to express my delight with Linux
Mint. I am actually a Ubuntu user (on a Dell Dimn 8200 and a Dell Optiplex
gx260) and a Winbloze XP user (on a HP a430n). I only keep the winbloze
machine going cause my mp3 player (Sandisk m250) won't allow me to move
files between it and Ubuntu...anywho...
My step-son's Win 2000 machine (old gateway p4 1.4.ghz) was running slow as hell and my him and my wife were complaining about the long boot time and the appearance of spyware/malware. I decided it was time to move him to Linux. I had just recently upgraded my dell optiplex to Ubuntu 7.04 from
6.06 and was very happy with the lastest release. However, I knew my step
son (14 years old) would not know what to do when the system needed a codec to play some multimedia file (even though the instructions pop up on the screen. He was leary of doing stuff in win 2000 - I knew he would be even
more nervous doing stuff in Linux). I had been reading about Mint and wanted to try it. I liked the idea of all the needed proprietary codecs and drivers being installed from the door. So I downloaded it and burned the ISO to a CD all in about an hour. Next I backed up all his files to a CD - he didn't have much, mostly homework related docs and some video game related files. I then wiped his HD with a erase utility, stuck the Mint disc in, and rebooted. I Made sure all the hardware and video stuff was working with the live CD, clicked install - and about 25 minutes later it was done.
I rebooted the machine and checked to make sure that all of the multimedia codecs were working (you tube, mp3's, flash video, etc...)
You know what - everything worked!!!! :lol: I copied his files into the document folder and let him have at it. So far no complaints and the machine moves much faster and boots ten times faster. I can't say it enough - the migration was flawless - no problems and the system looks really good. I am thinking about putting it on my Dad's old machine.

Linux Mint - I am very impressed and satisfied!!!! :D

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Postby linuxviolin » Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:42 pm

Welcome galactus.

Great thanks to the developer! :D
And after your son and your dad, maybe you? :wink: You will have caught the "Mint" virus. :lol:
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Postby allforcarrie » Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:30 pm

cool story. good luck with linux.

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