GNOME 3 in Mint 11

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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by ander111 »

Well, Mint 11 turned out not to have GNOME 3---and if you ask me, it's just as well. I've just tried the GNOME 3 Live USB demo, and it just seems like one of those simplified, Unity-style desktops. You know, something for young kids who need the most basic, obvious computing environment possible. I must say, I really don't understand what all the fuss is about... Why would you want less than what you already have?

Was there some concern that GNOME wasn't elementary enough for the average user? We've had desktop OS's for over a decade now. If anything, you'd think people were getting more capable with them, not less... Am I missing something? :?|

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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by AlbertP »

You are definitely not missing something. Gnome 3 is missing some things.
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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by toniuntu »

Mint 11 + Gnome 3 = EXCELENTE !!!
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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by Sleven »

Installed Gnome 3 in Mint 11 over the week end. Absolutely love it after getting over hating it for a few hours.
Can't imagine going back to the old Gnome.
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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by DC38 »

I did this. Seems interesting (hopefully it works for a while). Activities box is a little annoying. What should I add to it guys?

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Re: GNOME 3 in Mint 11

Post by Drake2k »

Welcome to the age of the tablet.

I'm not sure of application developers realize that not everyone has or is even going to get a tablet. I had an etch-a-sketch when I was a kid and that's about as close to tablet pc as I feel like getting.

Look at Envy and Gnome.... Now look at the new windows 8. Seriously people, this huge gaming machine on my desk is NOT a tablet nor do I have a touch screen.

I'll admit, I have been tinkering with Gnome3 with that tablet look turned on and it's a hell of a lot better then the envy or windows 8 that I was trying out. I've even started getting used to it a little. I'm just tired of the industry trying to tell ME what I want and how things should look. Hence why I love linux, but seriously... Is Linux heading down that same path (for that matter did it pave that path for everyone else?).

These are just my random thoughts on the subject but if I heard correctly, I believe you can turn off the tablet look in G3 and have it look very much like it did before. Don't quote me on that though.

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