Is the Linux Mint Gnome Main Edition losing favouritism?

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Is the Linux Mint Gnome Main Edition losing favouritism?

Post by ajt007 »

Is the Linux Mint Gnome Main Edition losing favoritism to anything else?
I don’t think so. Just check the stats :
As Dirty Harry once stated “Opinions are like (click here: everyone has one.
After years of using many Links Distributions my personal opinion is the Developers naturally put everything they have in the Main editions and it should be that way. That is the flag ship release. I have not found anyone else that does the Gnome desktop as well as Linux Mint. Being allowed more than one opinion I also have not found anyone doing KDE as well as Pardus. I have been using the Links Mint Debian Edition and it appears to work almost as well as Links Mint 10 Julia.
The almost is the icon that pops up in the live usage or after the installation.
You know the one it asks if we want to install the current video driver. That along with other features is why Mint, Ubuntu and the Ubuntu clones are so popular. I need the current nvidia video driver. I have studied and managed to learn how to find and install the driver I need. Other Linux distributions have the correct drivers available with one click. After using LMDE Gnome for a time I have returned to 10 Julia. I felt it was necessary to learn LMDE just to make sure I will be able to continue using Mint. I can see a major problem when that convenient icon is no longer available. The loss of that feature may run off a significant number of current users. It also may prevent many new users from choosing Mint. The loss will make Linux Mint not so user friendly and eliminate a reason current and new users are not using one of the next 30 popular Linux distros. That is just my opinion.
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Re: Is the Linux Mint Gnome Main Edition losing favouritism?

Post by linuxviolin »

ajt007 wrote:Other Linux distributions have the correct drivers available with one click.
Yes. In Fedora for example with a nvidia card, you just install the akmods package corresponding to your nvidia graphic card and that's all. When you install a new kernel you have nothing to do. At the reboot in the new kernel the system downloads, or rebuilds if no package exists, and installs itself automagically the kmod-nvidia package for the new kernel and you are done. Just a few seconds. Very easy, practical and no hassle! :D
Using akmods, as soon as you install a new kernel, if a matching kmod version does not already exist, it will automatically be rebuilt from the akmod source rpm and immediately installed.


How does it work (in general)?
An akmod is actually just a regular RPM which contains a SRC.RPM + a spec file to bring in the deps necessary to build it. The source RPMs are expected to be found in /usr/src/akmods/ by the akmodsbuild script. If the version found there is newer than the kmod installed, it will be rebuilt, or if the kmod does not exist (/lib/modules/KERNELVERSION/extra/nvidia/nvidia.ko), it will be rebuilt.

How does the kmod get rebuilt immediately after a kernel is installed? By the postinstall script in /etc/kernel/postinst.d/akmods (note: the only other postinst script currently is supplied by "dkms")
This is not that wonderful? There is no user intervention to get the nvidia driver installed for each new kernel...It's an autopilot. No more kmod headaches. Fantastic, right? :D 8)
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