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Postby BurungHantu » Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:10 am

Not as in a fail. "MINT" is ROCKIN! Just a thought, I believe I saw a discussion on this before though. I just read something about Mint Fedora version. Maybe just something CLEM is playing around with now. However, it is showing that MINTS fantastic GUI's and ideas can be ported and used elsewhere! Which may even be the point of CLEM's playing with it. :wink:

I dare say I hope it is! 8) I am just thinking, when I say STRIKING OUT, I mean as when MINT goes it's own way! I think that to do that, DEBIAN might be a good choice? We all know that UBUNTU is based on DEBIAN but due to some changes is not really DEBIAN and isn't compatible with it despite the fact their release are taking from the DEB repo's as snapshots.

I was just wondering, take a glance at SIDUX! Maybe sometime in the future, preferrably NEAR future it might be something if MINT was out from under Ubuntu's skirt?

What opinions does anyone have about this? I think it would be a BOON for DEBIAN itself and I think SIDUX shows that clearly DEBIAN works well too. Though their approach is different. Scripts instead of GUI tools, but that goes with the nature of SID I guess from what I've read.

Perhaps going the route of backports as with KANOTIX where many of the SIDUX team came from. Mepis has returned likewise to DEBIAN.

Well, just an idea and just wondering. Woudn't it be possible to maintain a STABLE updateble rolling release DISTRO from DEBIAN?

After all, with some exceptions, I think very few and far between. Whatever Ubuntu has, new etc, it is in one of the PRIMARY DEBIAN repo's. SO going DEB nothing to miss out on? With Mints GUI's and configuration tools being ahead of UBUNTU, it's clear that Mint makes it's on tools? So just why are we under buntu's skirt anyway?

What I can say, comparing pure DEBIAN to UBUNTU based code. Mint is tops, but I think Ubuntu code however modified, is still buntu underneath. It seems not as stable nor as fast running as DEBIAN. I'm not a coder, I don't now why, but I've found some others, quite a few feel the same when I've read reviews etc. I've run them and even when U make them heavy with full KDE etc., I mean pure DEBIAN the behavior is milder and more predictable it would seem.

Well with the FEDORA thing I heard, just another idea out there from wondering Minty...

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Postby Husse » Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:09 pm

Who knows....
I don't - Clem is working as fast as superman :)
The problem with a Debian based distro is the update policy - either very few updated versions or a stream of updates (Debian unstable)
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it

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