Why I don't like LM 12

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Re: Why I don't like LM 12

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kijin wrote:
Lippy wrote:all other distros are in the same boat, as they all need to make their transition to Gnome 3.
I have nothing against LM 12, but this quote is one idea that I just can't wrap my head around. I hear it all over the place, but it just isn't true. GNOME isn't the only game in town. GNOME 3 might be "the future" for some people, but there are many different futures in FLOSS land, and our choices can actually influence the viability of those futures.
Well, you are right and I fully agree with you. It was late and I didn't intend to put it across that way. :oops:

I meant those distros that use Gnome need to go through that transition, even if it isn't the default desktop. Of course, if a distro uses Gnome by default, it doesn't have to stick with it. I've tried Xfce before and it was easy to make it behave like Gnome 2, adding Compiz to boot. However while I liked it, I still think it needs a bit more polish, but it's a DE that has come in leaps and bounds lately. I'd say in one or two more releases it should be pretty slick. :)
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