[UBUNTU] Cinnamon Menu auto-refresh application shortcuts ?

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[UBUNTU] Cinnamon Menu auto-refresh application shortcuts ?

Post by wingarmac »


I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish (x86-64) with Cinnamon 5.2.7.
I've seen that applications installed on the system are present in the menu.
New installed applications are also automatically added to it.

My problem is that uninstalled applications aren't automatically removed from the Cinnamon menu.

I use a separate /home partition-drive and only reinstall the system so I always get my files back after a reinstall.
The point is I can't rapidly check in the menu what I still need to install since all my applications are still present in the menu, even if the application is not reinstalled yet. This is very inconvenient.

It seems it does auto-add new installed apps, but doesn't auto-refresh the shortcuts if the apps aren't available anymore.
How could I make it do so ?

Since the reset option (called "Restore System Configuration" in Cinnamon Menu Editor), doesn't make the Cinnamon menu entries match with my installed applications, I also wonder what it exactly does to the menu.
Does it reset it to its installation defaults or does it match with the applications that were already present on the system at the moment of installation isn't clear to me to. Can someone elaborate what it does exactly ?

Same post on Askubuntu.com:
https://askubuntu.com/questions/1450586 ... -shortcuts

The Cinnamon version is higher on Linux Mint Vanessa (5.6.7)
So the problem could be reated with unmet depencies I don't get with `apt install -f` since this last one doesn't exist on the Ubuntu official repos.
Is it possible to add Mint's PPA : https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/mint_main to my Ubuntu server install to upgrade it or do I need a clean install of the desktop environement?

The installed packages for Cinnamon seem all simillar except their versions.
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Re: [UBUNTU] Cinnamon Menu auto-refresh application shortcuts ?

Post by wingarmac »

I found rhe answer to the question my question:"Is it possible to add Mint's PPA on Ubuntu to update?" : NO
I had to make a clean install in order it could work.
So I reinstalled Ubuntu server, added the Mint PPA backports and installed Ubuntu.

I wonder what's the difference between :
- deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ vanessa main
- deb http://packages.linuxmint.com vanessa main upstream import backport romeo

I tried like suggested for Ubutnu 16.04 on the Mint forum with the backports (replaced Serena by Vanessa) and it works great.
Source: viewtopic.php?t=244221#:~:text=Re%3A%20 ... int%20repo.

I made a menu to install my needs after a clean Ubuntu server install because updating caused depency issues.

Code: Select all

git clone https://github.com/wingarmac/software-install.git
Then, from the folder

Code: Select all

you can renter:

Code: Select all

sudo sh Installer-menu.sh
This will show the following menu:

Code: Select all

*              Installer Menu              *
** 1) Add Mint PPA and update 
** 2) Install Cinnamon 
** 3) Install software list 
** 4) Install Google Chrome 
** 5) Install Wine 
** 6) Upgrade Kernel 
** 7) update and upgrade 
** 8) Resolve Ubuntu sound issue (reboot needed) 
** 9) Resolve Network Aplet problem 
** 0) Install NVidia driver 
Please enter a menu option and enter or x to exit.
The software list (installation.txt) can be replaced with your own content and you can edit the .sh files to your preferences.

You find a complete descrition of how it does install the Cinnamon PPA, etc. in the Askubuntu link on top.
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