Manjaro Linux 0.8.6

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Manjaro Linux 0.8.6

Post by The Dark Side » Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:19 pm

Recently there have been new images .iso of Manjaro Linux. We already have with us Manjaro Linux 0.8.6 available on many desktops. There are versions with XFCE (the Main), with KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, Openbox, LXDE and E17........ There are lots of fun here, so many available options........

Abusing the broadband, have downloaded them all and I tested on my computer. The result has been fantastic, Manjaro Linux continues to advance at an unstoppable pace. Certainly there are versions that are better than others (in my case, the versions with worked better: XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate and E17). Manjaro software comes loaded Linux (maybe sometimes too much), but they really are very good versions. Yes, at this point, it is unforgivable that the KDE version a web browser not bring this to the height of the distribution. The KDE version does not provide or Firefox web browser or Chromium web browser, even brings Rekonq.... Bring Konqueror..... But, well, small details, no doubt the community would have to fine tune a little bit with KDE version. Something very good of KDE version is that it also brings the Razor-qt Desktop to test it (and it works really very good). Anyway, it's a great layout.......

Not the first time discussed in this forum. But Linux Manjaro undoubtedly, its way to becoming a distribution of the best. Keep going.... Along this long way, I do not want to imagine what will be the first real version of Manjaro (the 1.0). It will be spectacular, no doubt about..... Greetings.-
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