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Possible fixes and suggestions

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:38 pm

Although I am a newbie(2months) to Linux I am starting to understand an underlying problem with Linux. This problem has been solved in another Linux distribution called "Sabayon". The problem programs are pre-installed, least the modules and areas that conflict with video drivers. The problem comes when installing programs such as "Wine". Wine is a very difficult program in the event that it reworks some intricate files and often will knock out driver files, as I experienced first hand. Driver files are also difficult and those requiring major rewrites to files should also be embedded into the system for proper installation of the operating system. As I am now using "Sabayon" and have witnessed first-hand the effects of these pre-installed programs and drivers, I can tell you it is very successful. Of course, has also left me with more knowledge. It also appears that the Cinnamon desktop does not appear to work real proper with ATI drivers. I was very fortunate, as I had my suspicions while using Mint 13 Cinnamon(Maya) that this could be the case, luckily "Sabayon" had a download for the Cinnamon desktop(1.4) that confirmed my suspicions. Cinnamon seems to jittery quite a bit with the ATI drivers and looks pretty scary! I also noticed another problem while using Mint which is an underlying problem which might be in the kernel. Every 2-3 boots and either my wireless USB mouse or Keyboard would not work. As I have now witnessed 2 Linux operating systems that load very nicely without installing updates(while loading system) I am a firm believer the "Live Installation" has some faults. I also want to offer my apology for comments I made which were very unprofessional. I just get very upset when users are left with a system that is either impossible to use or hard to fix. I just look forward to the day, when everyone no matter what OS they choose can enjoy and learn. This is what the real world of computing is about! Take care folks and hope I have possibly inspired a couple good ideas, because I just want to help and do something right! Bob

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Re: Possible fixes and suggestions

Postby xenopeek » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:27 am

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